Respawn On Titanfall’s PC Version, Modding, DLC

"Titanfall is great. There is no getting around that, much like there is no getting around a giant robot’s titanic rhino-SUV foot cuff when it is stomping on you. But Respawn’s largely treated Titanfall like an Xbox game, preferring to let the PC version live in its all-too-proprietary shadow. So far, we know that our titans will unfortunately be tethered to Origin and… yep, that’s pretty much it. So I sat down with game director Steve Fukuda to find all about PC bonuses, configurations, balance issues that might arise from different control schemes, modding possibilities (probably don’t get your hopes up early on), and Respawn’s dislike of EA/Activision-style DLC cycles. It’s all below."

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SteamPowered1433d ago

Too bad that a game like this will bolster Origin subscriptions. I don't really care for Origins or Uplay whatsoever. They should let Steam take care of the digital distribution.

mhunterjr1433d ago

The whole point of Digital distribution is so that publishers can cut out the middleman. If they have the means to do it themselves, why would they want to give Val a cut of their profits?

SteamPowered1433d ago

The sheer volume of sales on steam would make up for it. When was the last time you browsed origins for a new game?

BLuTheSecond1432d ago

Meh I just buy my games from Amazon and I just redeem the code on whatever DD platform it belongs. I'm not picky unless a sale is exclusive to a certain DD platform.

curtis921432d ago

So they save their savings for themselves and charge us the same amount... if they cut out the middleman, we should get the discount due to the pain and hassle of dealing with origins and other non-steam software.

mhunterjr1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )


I too would like the savings to be passed on, but there are two very logical reasons why you won't see it happen.

1) a business decides how much the product is worth by how much people are willing to pay for it, not by how much it costs to make it.

2) most publishers still depend on retail for games sales. Flagrantly undercutting their business partners would only strain the relationship. Until the industry feels 100% that consoles and games can be sold primarily through online marketplaces, the won't want to burn the bridge brick and mortar shops. But the also won't dip into their own pockets simply because their competition (steam) doesn't have a retail presence.

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mhunterjr1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

EA is a developer/publisher/distributo r. It doesn't need another company to distribute its titles in order to make a profit, nor do they need heavy discounts. They have their own marketing department, and they don't need Steam to handle content discovery for them either. Their titles aren't "discovered". No one stumbles upon an EA game after browsing Origin. They go to Origin because they know EXACTLY what title they want, and they know there's only one place to get it.

It isn't guaranteed (or even likely) that selling, say, Titan fall on Steam would net EA more sales, or more profits than simply handling it themselves.

Truway1433d ago

It'll be the best version. I'm gonna try it on my 360 since I don't have an XBox One though.

GearSkiN1433d ago

Hope the game does great on x360 too I'd be nice to have a last great game on that.