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Final Fantasy XV Will be Linked to Final Fantasy XIII’s Mythology Despite Name Change

When Final Fantasy XV was finally and officially unveiled at E3 2013, one of the many reactions was the abandonment of the original title of Final Fantasy Versus XIII meant that the game was moving away from XIII‘s mythology. This is apparently not the case. (Final Fantasy XV, PS4, Xbox One)

yewles1  +   562d ago
I told you all... it's not over. *jumps out window*
iamtehpwn  +   562d ago
Before you all start crying--I would like for you to know that Anyone who's played Type-0 will firmly tell you that FFXIII's interpretation of the XIII mythos, Fabula Nova Crystallis, is actually very weak, where as in Type-0 it's actually told very good. We've so far only seen Toriyama's bizarre BS interpretation of it here in the West.

All-in-all, don't expect to see Lightning or anything, just expect to hear words like "etro" and "l'cie". L'cie are an example of something Type-0 did a MUCH better job a displaying and conceptualizing.
MrSwankSinatra  +   562d ago
we would never know how type-0 actually told the mythos, because square enix never released it in any other country aside from japan.
Eonjay  +   562d ago
Exactly. Its the Crystal Mythos that links it together but its not the same. Its kinda like Slayers and Lost Universe.
Z501  +   562d ago
Most people in any FFXIII article on the internet hasn't finished or even played FFXIII, let alone Type-0.

Without google. They don't know who Mwynn is, who Etro is, or Lightning's and Serah's role. But they can tell you how much FFXIII sucked.
PaperClichePixel  +   562d ago

That's the problem at hand. How can you be on the Internet all the damn time, come on a site, whine about something, you know nothing about, then complain cause you can't find the info. I'm gonna start delivering empty pizza boxes, to random houses.
erathaol  +   562d ago
Square Enix!!!

FFXIII is finally over, I wanted that ship to finally sink. They're determined to drag fans, who actually want to play a new Final Fantasy, down into it!

This is the worse news I've heard today.
Snookies12  +   562d ago
@MrSwankSinatra - That English patch for Type-0 comes out very soon. So, we'll have a chance to check that out before judging the XIII mythos. :]
kingdom18  +   561d ago
They were talking about it recently, it is in the realm of possibilities. I would love a US release of it, and put it on the Vita.
Godmars290  +   562d ago
I shouldn't agree with you, but only because I - my Square fandom - jumped out the window long ago.

Okay, maybe it was pushed...
levian  +   562d ago
Its going to be fine people, the only similarity is that they share the same gods.
Unreal01  +   562d ago

That made me laugh.
-Foxtrot  +   562d ago
Oh for the love of god, the mytho in FF13 sucks so bad, it's way too confusing.

Square you seem to be blowing this already, you changed the name you should of made sure the mytho was changed aswell...you've had plenty of time to do that.

God we better not have Lightning come into his universe.
yewles1  +   562d ago
It was always going to be the same game as before the name change was to shift it to multiplat 8th gen. If you STILL weren't convinced...

izumo_lee  +   562d ago
Actually if done well it's not too bad. Take FF type 0 for example, the game also dealt with the mythos of FF 13 but unlike 13 it was easier to get into cause the story was well written with likable characters. So it can work.

Nomura has a much better track record than Toriyama in telling a story and making a good game so hopefully his reputation comes through.
Z501  +   562d ago
"the mytho in FF13 sucks so bad, it's way too confusing"

So you've already beat Lightning Returns?

What's so confusing?

*EDIT: "FF13 was supposed to be a single game"

Source please.
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-Foxtrot  +   562d ago
Your telling me the mytho only applies to Lightning Returns.....Whaaaaa

FF13 was supposed to be a single game, the mytho in that game is basically the mytho for everything FF13 related.

It sucks, it's confusing, it seems like it's been made up on the spot and it's just not interesting at all.
Summons75  +   562d ago
Made perfect sense to me...oh wait I actually play the game more then 5 hours AND paid attention!

Its amazing how well you can understand things when you stop having a closed hatful mind.
-Foxtrot  +   562d ago

I love how you FF13 fans use the "I'm going to pretend I know you and say you didn't play it" line.

I bought it day 1, based on hype, the fact that I loved FF and that it was the first next gen FF game......I got half way into the story, MORE then five hours and gave up.

A good story shouldn't require you to into your Datalog to understand what the hell is going on and the overall story.

When a game starts doing that, it's not good. A good story is supposed to tell you this during cutscenes, events played out to you on the screen, not "Oh you have to check your Datalog".

Stop being bitter that the majority of people out there don't like FF13.

FF fans want FF15 to be the best it can, not hang on to silly mythos from a bad FF game. We're all trying to move on and yet you still want to FF13 to be there somewhere....why.
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Z501  +   562d ago
SMH @ -Foxtrot

"A good story shouldn't require you to into your Datalog to understand what the hell is going on and the overall story"

Yeah ... it totally should've been done in a codec conversation/

You make FFXIII's story sound as complicated as the bible, lol. It's not.
Summons75  +   562d ago

I didn't read the datalog once and still understood it perfectly. Datalog is there for people who don't pay attention because they're to busy whining on the internet or for people who maybe couldn't play for a while but didn't want to restart.
LAWSON72  +   562d ago
How do you know you did not play the whole game?
-Foxtrot  +   562d ago
Youtube Cutscenes and the FF13 Wiki

When a story makes you do that, then you've told a bad one.
Irishguy95  +   562d ago
Here is the mythos. Please, pretend FFXIII doesn't exist and only FFXV exists while you read this.


FFXIII was completely about Fal cie and L'cie. In FFXV they aren't the centre at all. The story revolves around a greedy kingdom looking for power. Nobody seems to give a **** about 'Fal'cie and L'cie'(except that one guy in the white robe) Just the fact that humans have magic and magic is power. The story themes are war and loss.

The simple fact is, the stories are nothing alike. Just the same as Type 0 was nothing like FFXIII. The games are not 'linked'. They are linked in the same way God of War is linked to wrrath of the Titans. In that, well...they aren't linked. The pull from the same mythos

Seriously. YOu just have to watch the first 20 minutes of FFXIII and then watch a trailer from FFXV to know they are nothing alike. FFXV -> Peace treaty -> Assassination -> Battle -> retreat -> War. The MC's kingdom comes under attack at the start. Their 'crystal'(a very common theme in FF) is stolen and the MC's kingdom loses it's protection(a magic barrier which stopped 'outsiders' from coming into the country). The MC's kingdom is quickly overrun, his dad is killed, he has to retreat and look for a way to get the crystal back. He will journey around the land seeing the effects of War on the land. ALl the while, there is a mysterious light in the sky which is rumored to be the god Etro which shines on people who just died. Only l'cie can see that light.

FFXIII -> BS and L'cie -> Serah crystallis -> Cast get 'focus' and start their L'cie **** -> As L'cie retreat from Pulse as they are hunted -> Fight all sorts of Fal'cie. Fal'cie main focus of game.

Edit - Foxtrot, I HATE FFXIII. HATE it. However i'm not completely retarded and know what the connection between FFXV and FFXIII is. As in -> FFXIII will have no effect whatsoever on the quality of FFXV.
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-Foxtrot  +   562d ago
"YOu must be completely retarded to not understand

Oh look at that a FF13 fan starts with a personal attack making his entire argument invalid.

Most likely got all that stuff from online sites like the Wii then typing it all out, don't worry thats how other people understand the story aswell since it's that bad.
LAWSON72  +   562d ago
Why would you have to use a wiki to understand a story since the story really only relates to the characters trying to save Cocoon? You really need to to quit hating on a game you have not played. As I said before do to that reason your opinion is irrelevant and ignorant. Unlike those of us who like the game you have not experienced the whole game so your judgement is meaningless. You are like people who hate Demon Souls or Dark Souls because you played it for an hr and a half and think you understand everything the game has to offer.

I could understand a games lore or universe needing a wiki, but if that makes the universe bad I am sorry to tell you some of the biggest game universes require a wiki for all the info and they are known for the best universes and worlds.
fonger08  +   562d ago
Ugh, I smell the need for greed in DLC referring to Lightning and her pals... seriously SquareEnix let it go.
TransientDreamer  +   562d ago
It sounds the two sub-series might be linked loosely. I doubt they'll go as far as to include main characters from the FFXIII series - it's a new game with a new cast. However (unfortunately), anything is possible with SE these days.
fonger08  +   562d ago
Right, maybe not direct characters, but tie-ins to side-stories that leads to later DLC with skins, avatars, who knows. I just feel like they been stuck in that Caccoon universe forever even though it's been only 3 games...
Truway  +   562d ago
So it'll all end in Noctis Returns:FFXV?
MegaRay  +   562d ago
Thats lightning returns: FF XV
Godmars290  +   562d ago
Where's your Nomura now?
iamtehpwn  +   562d ago
It's funny how people like you are "So strongly against" Fabula Nova Crystallis but also a demand a Type-0 localization.
Godmars290  +   562d ago
I'm against this pointless insistence that the FF series takes place on one world. Especially when the history involved is only clouded, convoluted, patchy and in the end irrelevant.

And what's funny is that so much faith was placed in Nomura in the first place. That Wada held his position for as long as he did.

Also, its not like Square is bringing over Type-0: fans have gotten so sick of them that they're doing it themselves.
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Nate-Dog  +   562d ago
This has been known for a long, long, long time.
Chrono  +   562d ago
CrimsonDragon90  +   562d ago
This game has been so long in development that I just don't give a dam about it. Square Enix wasted time on that Lightning Trilogy.
DarkLord1003  +   562d ago
I don't mind if certain words appear in the final game.. Words like l'cie for example. But I don't want Cocoon or any other BS. The whole world was so boring. And I never really got the story of FFXIII and XIII-2 really confused me. Sorry - perhaps someone can explain it to me....
fonger08  +   562d ago
Trust me you're not the only one.
GentlemenRUs  +   562d ago
Oh for the love of... Square are shooting themselves in the head now...
LAWSON72  +   562d ago
Do you people realize this is not new info and they have been confirmed to have related mythos since pretty much the announcement of FFVS?
FRA85  +   562d ago
this is not news. news would be a release date. entire series of games have been released and finished in the time its taking to bring out 1 game.

they should stop talking about until they actually have something to say or show.
Taislin  +   562d ago
Soooooooo...Why is this news? I´ve known this for over 6 years. And I was 13 back then.
MoB21  +   562d ago
Guys.. just because a game has similar mythology doesnt mean its gonna be the same storyline or have a plotline related to the 13 series whatsoever...
Tyrone_Biggums  +   562d ago
Lightning should be in every FF game from now on.
TacoTaru  +   562d ago
If they really have to continue with the XIII stuff I can only hope that the next one is truly the FINAL fantasy. I'm tired of disappointment. They keep shoving this stuff at us telling us we should love it. Had enough.
Lionalliance  +   562d ago
Oh god no, no no no no no NO!
GirlOnFire  +   562d ago
Complaints again...You all remember it was called FFXIII Versus? Now its an new game with its own characters and has nothing to do with XIII. Get over the hate already. ITS XV XV XV not XIII. I can't wait to play this.
Hicken  +   562d ago
They've conveniently forgotten. Baseless hate has blinded them.
ErryK  +   562d ago
Idiots, the lot of you.

Immediately once "XIII" is heard, it's just "no" or "we don't want that".

Go away and come back when you have an education and you can deduce a logical opinion.
youndamie  +   562d ago
As long as not a single cast member from XIII makes an appearance or is even mentioned it's fine.
Plasticgearsolid  +   562d ago
People this is old news they have already stated that characters from XIII will NOT make an appearance in FF XV or will the storys tie in together.
Kassanova07  +   562d ago
I have finally completed FF XIII. It is questionable if I will continue the story given the performance.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   562d ago
This had been stated for awhile. Fabula nova crystallis games would be slightly connected by lore at least.
goldwyncq  +   562d ago
It has nothing to do with FFXIII EXCEPT having the same mythology. Their universes are completely different and no characters from the previous game would return.
kingdom18  +   561d ago
I did not understand the mythos of FF13 much at all, can't even name some of the general terms correctly because their names confuse me a little. And to be fair I didn't complete the game, I got as far as the second to last level and just gave up. Not that I didn't like, I just wanted to give it a break I wonder if I still have that data... hope I saved it to online storage before I upgrade the hard drive... I wonder if I still have the old hard drive... Didn't get very far in 13-2 though at all.

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