Shadow or Mordor - A Preview

BronzePanic of the SleepingGeeks takes a look at the upcoming Shadow of Mordor game.

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zeusky1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

after seeing gameplay of this, it has skyrocketed to one of my must haves. i have not played a really good LOTR game since the movie games by EA came out.

all i ask is they bring in some familiar tunes from the movie/past game soundtrack to really trigger that sensory memory.

however, the BIGGEST thing in the game is the strides its making with the AI capabilities. its been a bit since a game has truly introduced something innovative in the realm of AI.

wannabe gamer1559d ago

yea i am looking forward to this a lot as well. everything about it seems pretty awesome.
The only complaints I have heard at all are the similarities to other games but to me this isnt a bad thing really. you can never make a 100% unique game this day and age after so much has already been done.

IF the gameplay is good and fun then thats enough for me. plus i havent ever seen a LOTR game that looked this promising.

the wraith walking stuff while very cool seems like something ive never heard of before in the LOTR lore. So im hoping they didnt just make it up for this game as that would seem a bit out of place. i can look past it tho since it seems to be a mechanic that works well and can be fit into the lore.

Desperado3161559d ago

Similarities to Arkham and Assassins Creed are a positive point I would say. Get concepts from two awesome games, add some more awesome stuff and then make a new game out of it... with a LOTR backdrop... I don't see how we can go wrong here...

bienio1559d ago

For me as well day one😉

Desperado3161559d ago

Ah, my bad... Typo... Damn you keyboard for placing 'R' and 'F' so close together.

ShowGun9011559d ago

actually after a generation of crappy LOTR games, this one looks EPIC! day one!

Desperado3161559d ago

This looks too good to be true. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

Cueil1559d ago

do I really have to choose?

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