New official Titanfall Beta Tips & Tricks video released

Gamer Headlines writes: "The creators of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment have released a new official Titanfall Beta Tips & Tricks video. The aim of the new video is to help everyone that has opted in the beta and received a key start up in the multiplayer battlegrounds of the game."

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mhunterjr1496d ago


There's a bit more depth to the combat than I had realized.

Casual players will be able to have fun, but the more serious players, the ones who pick up these nuances, will be a cut above the rest.

PeaSFor1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

still waiting for my beta invite, to be honest i dont see any dept to it, just shoot at things and voila... still curious for beta to see if the gameplay have been tweaked since PAX

mhunterjr1495d ago

Well it is a shooter, so there's always the need to shoot things...

But there are clearly unique nuances. When it comes to evasion and traversal, I wasn't aware of the 'touch' required to maintain momentum, nor of the ability perch, nor of the ability wall run backwards, nor of the ability to time a vertical climb to make it 3+ stories. So yeah, chances are, the folks who "just shoot things' won't be fairing as well as the folks who pick up the subtle things.

Studio-YaMi1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

You can argue that it's just COD with Mechs & wall jumps,but the gameplay is just solid and fun from what I'v seen so far.(bots need to have much better AI though!)

I wish this franchise success,COD is getting so stale and dull with each new installment,we need something new & fresh to replace it.

Tedakin1496d ago

Yeah my only complaint with the game at all is the AI people are just waaaay too stupid. They don't even react when you shoot at them. They really need to pump them up.