Score an Ouya Android Console and $25 Game Credit for $85

Maximum PC: Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Ouya's developers have been trying to drum up interest in its Android-based micro console by offering different color options and, most recently, a model with twice the amount of storage. Color and storage options are nice, but if it's all about the price, here's a heads up that you can purchase an Ouya console for $85 from StackSocial's website.

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WeAreLegion1438d ago

Good deal, but I'm not sure I'd pay even $20 at this point.

ShowGun9011438d ago

if the argument is that the phone industry is cannabalizing the handheld market, then the ouya is a non-starter... its an android phone, hooked to your tv, lacking everything but the crappy games. im suprised they sold as many as they did, considering most gamers already have a smartphone that does everything the ouya does and more...

curtis921438d ago you're saying $85 is... a deal?

GentlemenRUs1438d ago


Trying to move the units which NOBODY wants to buy, It's quite sad.

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