Steam Tags Are Just Another Example Of Valve Trusting Their Users Too Often

If the current Steam layout were a clothing store, it would be one where the employees are on their cell phones, the wares are scattered on the floor, and there is no manager to found. And hey, sometimes that happens to the best of stores. However, when it does happen you can’t just ask the customers to figure it out themselves and fix the problems for you. Yet that is exactly what Valve is doing.

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Saryk1586d ago

What Steam has done is tried to do something that might be a crazy idea, but the results cannot be expected until it has been fully implemented! Sue them for taking a chance…………

BirdMan0141586d ago

No, I've got to agree with the author in that Valve are letting their users have almost complete control over some very important parts of their site.

Tags are already proving to be a fiasco, and it's up to Valve to step in and play the bad guy to stop it.