Slighty Mad Studios Bans User For Expressing His Opinion About Project CARS

DSOGaming writes: "Seems Slightly Mad Studios felt a little bit salty about a comments of a PC gamer who was not satisfied by the former's PC racing title, Project CARS. Guru3D's member 'eclap' has been constantly complaining for Project CARS and its current direction. And while that's fine - at least in our books - since this guy helped funding the game, Slightly Mad Studios felt the need to refund him - without any warning whatsoever - and ban him from WMD and its FB page."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

So a complainer who helped fund the game was banned....
Why did he help fund a game if he disliked its direction?
Just saying.

curtis921620d ago

helping fund a game doesn't automatically mean you will like everything about it this point forward. In fact, I think helping fund a game gives someone more right to be critical about it than average users.

Chrischi19881620d ago

Ah, we shouldnt jump to conclusions to fast. It matters, how he complained, what he said and all.

I mean, if he acted like a hater, always complained about every single thing, always nagging and not helping, then I can totally understand Slightly Mad Studios.

But if he made constructive criticism and Slightly Mad Studios acted like a child and banned him, then it is not OK.

But we dont know, so we should act carefully, before judging anyone.

frostypants1620d ago

The obvious guess is that it didn't go in such a direction until after he funded it.

Dee_911620d ago

I doubt it.They said he was complaining about it pretty much the day he gave them money.So its unlikely they took a 180 degree turn, from the moment he funded them to the moment he downloaded the game.To be honest, I hate those kinds of gamers, that complain about a game like someone is forcing them to play it.Ignore all positives then over exaggerate the negatives.Its not productive at all, and it will only ultimately confuse and clutter the actual constructive complaints (pretty much gtplanet in a nutshell).Its clear SMS don't want those type of peoples to be funding the game . Thats why they gave him his money back and banned him.You people need to understand there's a line between complaining and being downright negative.

theWB271620d ago

That's what I'm thinking. There should be no news...he didn't like the game and got a refund. Why would a dev want to constantly hear how bad they're doing from one user.

It seems more people support Project Cars, but they should have changed course because of one constant, outspoken member?

He didn't like the game..he got a refund for his contribution now move along to something you'll enjoy more.

malokevi1620d ago

good move for them. Shove his money back at him, and tell him to take his entitlement and sod off.

Baka-akaB1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

" Why would a dev want to constantly hear how bad they're doing from one user.

It seems more people support Project Cars, but they should have changed course because of one constant, outspoken member? "

That's your interpretation . Why should he be like someone drinking koolaid ? He has a right to his opinion , and the story doesnt tell , if he remained civil and was just critical of a project he's invested with , or a rude troll .. or his the studio felt annoying by pertinent complaints they can't address .

i'm guessing he was a troll , but it wouldnt be the first time a publisher or dev just felt vexed and censor people

Chrischi19881620d ago

But we do not know, if he trolled and thought what he thinks is more important than the rest of the community.

Having a right for a opinion is ok and constructive criticism is also ok, but we all know, how important the gamer thinks he is, how he acts like about games. I am pretty sure he trolled and he trolled hard. I mean, we dont know, but I believe it is more believable that way, than the other way.

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KonsoruMasuta1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Sounds likehe was trolling and doing a little more than expressing his opinion.

zeroskie1620d ago

He got a refund, right?

steve30x1620d ago

Yes if you get banned you get a full refund

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