Microsoft's Head Too Far Up In The "Cloud" to Realize Xbox One Potential

Hardcore Gamer: The Xbox One still has the potential to lead the console race, especially with its formidable online initiatives and exclusive software, but now proverbial roadblock is Microsoft's own delusional stance on the future of gaming.

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ChaosKnight1585d ago ShowReplies(1)
GusHasGas1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Can someone please explain to me why Respawn has been saying that Titanfall would be nothing without the Cloud, and yet, it works fine on PC and Xbox 360 without the Cloud?

afterMoth1585d ago

Still waiting for MS to unleash the cloud that will automatically make all Xbox Ones better than the PS4. Any day now.. Come on MS, I paid more for the Xbox One, turn on the cloud!

Septic1585d ago

Yeah Cloud basically equates to Dedicated Servers. They are right but its not as revolutionary as it sounds.

BX811585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Have you ever played sports on a team? It's the same concept. No matter what direction your team is heading in you always show praise to the camera. Or be prepared for the locker room, lol. And I wasn't trying to be a dick with the 1st question just trying to relate it to something else.

@aftermoth cool trolling bro.

nukeitall1585d ago


That is incorrect, as my post further below tells the story.

That said, the coined term "cloud" is a PR term used to describe "massive" computers with easy to access features.


That is technically what all cloud services are, "servers". However, how abundant they are and how those servers expose features is what makes it a cloud. Think Amazon cloud, they are at it's core also distilled down to servers. However, Amazon layered all these services on top of it to make it a cloud.

Point being, with Azure cloud backing Titanfalls and the Xbox Live Compute team supporting it, I expect extremely seamless experience on all fronts barring the first days issues.

My question is what were you expecting with the cloud?

BlackTar1871585d ago


I think its fair to take M$ on their word right?

I was expecting it to make my Xbone 3x more powerful then it is currently.

Are you telling me that was nonsense?

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tigertron1585d ago

but Gus, "it's in the clooouuuuudd".

MasterCornholio1585d ago

And they said the cloud would give the game incredible AI. I just watched a video by Angry Joe and in my opinion the AI is mentally retarded.

GusHasGas1585d ago

I agree, I watched an Alpha video a little while ago (and I know that I can't really judge too much because it was only the Alpha) but the AI were really stupid. One player managed to hop into a room in a building filled with about 4 bots. The bots just crouched down and stared at the player for about 10 seconds. They didn't even do anything until the player finally shot and killed all of them.

BX811585d ago

Shorten your sentence to angry joe is mentally retarded and I would agree with you. The character he plays not the actual guy. Idk him personally.

kwyjibo1585d ago

The Cloud isn't exclusive to Xbox One. That's the antithesis of what cloud computing is.

That doesn't mean it isn't PR.

Wikkid6661585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Cloud = Servers
Cloud service can work with any console or pc.

Titanfall is multilayer game that will use servers instead of p2p. This provides for a more stable online game experience.

pupa1585d ago

But, but I THOUGHT P2P WAS BEST therefore the old claim that live was better than PSN the previous gen!

Confusing these claims. More 180's that I can keep up with!

mhunterjr1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )


Both PSN and Live were p2p. Live was just a more reliable service. No one has EVER argued that p2p was better than dedicated.

SaffronCurse1585d ago

Respawn got bags of money for that.

Irishguy951585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Seriously? Do you know what Cloud even is? The X1 doesn't "Have Cloud". The X1 uses Microsofts Cloud compute service. Which MS can use for anything they want. It's just a cloud service.

Also, it's absolutely atrocious to see how stupid and closed minded gamers can be. Cloud services are the future. It's nice to see that PS gamers will hype the crap out of PS now and then **** on Microsofts cloud. PS now is literally streaming full games albeit PS3 and below. MS cloud is going to partially stream NEXT GEN games. As in X1 games will be enhanced by Cloud. It's just a matter of time now before more devs get used to the idea. Many companies have already realized the potential of Cloud services. Many companies including gaming ones utilize it already.

LogicLee1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

One word for you: latency. I think you greatly misunderstand the power and shortcomings of cloud computing.

Microsoft won't be streaming any games. Not even partially. It'll serve as an ancillary service providing backdrop enhancements. Not better looking or better functioning games.

Indeed, companies are utilizing cloud services. Those companies aren't, however, making ridiculous promises involving faster processing.

SmielmaN1585d ago

May not see anything revolutionary until fibre optic internet is the norm everywhere.

BlackTar1871585d ago


How do you expect people to respond to you when you don't even understand the point in the mocking.

No one is making fun of or saying its not the future

Everyone is laughing at MS and how they lied to their future customers on its real applications and uses. They lied about how they would be using it and they lied about the immediate positive it will have on their system.

Thats the mocking and ribbing people are using it as.

Like i said if you can;t get that then how do you expect people to debate anything to you?

++++++you only have one bubble.

danny8181585d ago

u must be lost kid. they said on 360 its 3v3 and the rest are retarded mods running around like headless chickens

SliceOfTruth8881585d ago

The PC will be using Microsofts cloud servers as well.....

ha8eraid1585d ago

I'm not a technical wiz kid but from an earlier article I read about this game when it was first announced Rest awn says that they presented it yo both Sony and Microsoft and Sony didn't have the dedicated server infrastructure that Microsoft has not saying that that hasn't changed now since Sony is popping out some new services and the cloud compute that helps with the AI also has something to do with it that's just what I have kind of grasped from all the cloud talk

AnotherGamer1171585d ago

I watched a gameplay preview video and the hosts said the Cloud will be used for both the PC and 360 versions (i.e. the dedicated gaming servers). They also stated that the Xbox One version willl use the cloud to help with the graphics processing.

mhunterjr1585d ago

Both the PC and xb1 versions are running on azure servers...

LogicLee1585d ago

Which will likely improve nothing. Honestly, cloud computing can only go so far. I agree that the future is online, but not when it comes to the core functionality of a video game.

mhunterjr1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )


False. Any online game will be better if handled in this matter. In the case of Titan fall:

1) why would you want to have host advantage?
2) why would you want to have to reserve console processing power for networking duties? If you had azure as an option, why not save that processing power for the game?
3) why would you want your titans AI behavior to be determined by the hosts xbox?
3a) how would your Titan properly react to you if the hosts internet connection has a hiccup?
3b) how would your Titan behave if the enemy it was focused on had a bad connection to the host?
4) if there is host migration, why would you want your consoles processor to be limited, just in case duties migrated to you?
4a) if there isn't migration, why would you want to deal with hosts dropping the match?

Azure removes a lot of those network related variables... Variables that magnify when AI is involved. It also improves overall latency . The benefits are plenty. I don't know how you can get off saying it would "likely improve nothing"

nukeitall1585d ago

That is easy!

Xbox One started the path of Xbox Live Compute i.e the cloud. When Titanfalls creators asked BOTH Sony and MS for their massive need for dedicated server with cloud level features, only one company responded. MS!

Essentially without MS and their cloud, Titanfalls would likely never be!

Also, to correct you, both PC and Xbox 360 uses MS cloud. This has been confirmed by Respawn, but what they also said is the Xbox One has more "niceties" coupled with the fact that Xbox One hardware has been designed with the cloud in mind from the very beginning.

sungam3d1585d ago

They cloud will eventually get so big it will condense into a shit storm and rain on your parade.

medman1585d ago

Respawn slurped from the same fountain of illegitimacy Microsoft and EA have been drinking from for years. So to them, even their lies sound like the truth. When you get in bed with dogs, expect fleas. Respawn is now flea ridden and needs a proper delousing. Good luck to them.

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LogicLee1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Of all the failures Microsoft has exemplified, the cloud is by far the silliest. Maybe they should just sell off the games division.

zero_gamer1585d ago

Stupid to sell off their Xbox division over some silly cloud.

Why o why1585d ago

Nah, competition is good but the cloud s*** was ms blowing smoke up everybody's a**es. Their fans regurgitate the same nonsense hoping its real. The cloud hasn't proven sh*t. Its actually done more damage than good because now everyone is asking where this cloud god was when multiplats were under performing. Taking people for eeedjuts mate

SmielmaN1585d ago

A lot of those ppl suck up the BS like a sponge, ie.: georgenoob, truefan, death, jokesonhim, septic, etc.

SliceOfTruth8881585d ago

Its so sad that a majority of Gamers cant see in the future. They just sit there and go "Durp a durp game goes in slot durp video on tv wheres my RF adaptor???". The cloud WILL change the way we game for BOTH systems. Everyone keeps making fun of the cloud but how people dont see what Microsoft is talking about is mind boggling. Microsofts cloud network is amazing, its infrastructure, speed and accessibility is what makes it great.

Take GTA5 for example. GTA 5 has to render the entire world within the system its played on. The graphics, the sound, the AI...etc. Now lets take a version with the cloud in mind. You purchase GTA 5 and the world and computer AI is being handled by the cloud your home console hasnt done a thing yet and it already has a lavish world with computer AI staring at it. Now your system will handle your character, audio, extra details that you do etc. This will allow more people to play online with a better infrastructure for online gaming. This is why Microsoft keeps saying the xbox one can get better graphically with the cloud. You will connect to worlds already waiting for you. Its really not hard to understand people just dont want to.

SliceOfTruth8881585d ago

lol I love how people disagree. What are they disagreeing with? The fact I explained how the cloud works? The bottom line is neither the PS4 or Xbox One has come even close to their full potential. Every developer will say "We did everything we could do with the system" but thats just everything they could do at that time. Look at uncharted 1 and then last of us, halo 3 to halo 4 its night and day. Xbox one can handle 1080p and it will reach it, PS4 has no games to play right now but it will get its greatness. Each system will start their stride by the fall and everyone battling over which is better or saying what they should do is just wasting time.

Edsword1585d ago

I disagreed with your comment about PS4 having no games just so you know why I disagreed. This time of the year is almost always a drought. XB1 doesn't really have any more than the PS4. And if you count the F2P and Indies, I would dare say there is more on PS4 right now. Maybe not as many AAA exclusives, but big deal, they're coming.

SmielmaN1585d ago

I don't know buddy. I've played 8 dif games on my PS4 so far and still have one still in its package. So maybe stop talking out of your backside on the interweb? Maybe? Lol

g-0ff1585d ago

listen to you, talking like an adorable little evangelist. I hate to break it to you, but until we see some serious advancements in public internet services, cloud computing won't be able to affect graphical fidelity one iota. Even then, the enhancement will be negligible at best. Distributed computing has a lot of benefits, but real-time rendering isn't one of its strong suits.

WeAreLegion1585d ago

Oh my gosh. This is the first time the Cloud-To-Butt Chrome add-on has changed the title to make MORE sense than the original title.

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