Xbox One Valentine's Advertisement is...Interesting

Twinfinite writes, "In keeping with their current trend of messaging that further alienates its fanbase and perplexes the public at large, Microsoft has unveiled a new advertisement, declaring the Xbox One to be "The Perfect Valentine's Day Date.""

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XiSasukeUchiha1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Ummm ok MS this weird, disturbing, loner, desperate, sad, and anything i can come up with any word that describe how I'm feeling with this AD.

P.S. No life was well lol

GusHasGas1532d ago

Yeah, this pic is pretty odd in general... Also, by posting this pic, it just seems like Microsoft is saying "LOL we know none of you have girlfriends. Just play the Xbox One, losers! And if you already have a gf, ditch her!"

I may be overreacting and exaggerating but that's just what it comes across as to me.

AngelicIceDiamond1532d ago

I'd rather stay home with my Xbox than trolling for a girl to throw gifts at and taker her places all evening.

When the time comes, then the time came. but in the mean time my evening will be with friends and Xbox.

Just saying.

Infamous2981532d ago

further feeding the stereo type that gamers are introverted losers who cant get a date. Stay classy MS.

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Mr Pumblechook1532d ago

Silly advert because it gives the impression that people who have an Xbone are unlovable loners who can't get a date and have no alternative but to stay in and play on their console.

On second thought maybe it hits the right note as Microsoft know their audience better than anyone!

Mystogan1532d ago

If this was a Sony ad you would be like, " omg they understand us so well PS4 ftw"

why is everyone so sensitive? It's just an ad..

Mr Pumblechook1532d ago

@Mystogan. Jokes aside it's not a good ad even if it was Sony or Nintendo who were running it. Maybe the ad company thought it would appeal to the gamer geeks who felt lonely on Valentines Day but it doesn't portray Microsoft's customers in a flattering light. That's not a criticism of Xbone users, its a criticism of the advert.

MikeEaton1532d ago

You have my solemn promise that next time Sony releases a dumb advertisement, I'll make just as much fun as them. :)

NeoTribe1532d ago

You guys always say "what if sony said" blah blah blah. Heres the shocker though, sony never does these crazy things micro does lol. Sony doesnt screw us over, so we dont have to learn how to lube our rears.

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jackanderson19851532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

well as has been shown by those vids by xbox trolls... there is some hot lesbian searches done by the kinect voice commands... get a bucket of chicken (it's always a bucket of chicken) and the kinect and hey presto a "date"... or even better if you're in the UK (unsure if it's in the US) you can pipe your tv through it and watch Babestation... they'll even pretend to care about you

i jest i jest

this looks like something reddit would do... too harmless for 4chan

Starbucks_Fan1532d ago

You know what a Xbox One and a girl have in common? They both have a paywall.

True_Samurai1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Ikr I dated a girl who was like a ps4 she was gorgeous but she just didn't deliver the quality :-/

↓↓ calm down jack we're just making jokes

rdgneoz31532d ago

Cost less for more? Was F2P and you didn't have to pay money each month to use? If you decided to spend money each month, you got cool new things from her instead of stuff several years old?

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