5 Things they'll talk about in today's Nintendo Direct

Today's Nintendo Direct announcement is the first of the year and sure to contain some awesome news, and hopefully provide answers to some pressing questions. Gamersbliss runs down the top 5 things that they should talk about as well as provides some speculation on what could be the greatest Nintendo Direct since the history of ever

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Link2DaFutcha1467d ago

I'm really hoping for a Kirby: Triple Deluxe Us Release date

XiSasukeUchiha1467d ago

Hoping for Super Smash Bros :)


Eh personally I know enough about Smash Bros

eaise1467d ago

So you know the release date? Because that information is what everyone wants. Hope we get a spring release date for Smash and X

DC7771466d ago

Yeah enough Smash tease just give us a release date and info on X.

50 minutes to go...

TheSuperior 1467d ago

Im with you there, Im looking forward to Super Smash Bros too :D

SheaHoff1467d ago

If they do make a new Peach-focused game, I hope it's not too cheesy.

evilkillerk1467d ago

More Pokemon stuff needed

Link2DaFutcha1467d ago

More Pokemon stuff is ALWAYS a good idea. Watch them throw a curve ball and announce console pokemon out of nowhere.

TheSuperior 1467d ago

I would die of happiness if that came true. Im thinking maybe soemtihng along the lies of Pokemon snap with how well that would work with the game pad

wonderfulmonkeyman1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

I think saying this will be "the greatest ND since the history of ever" is putting too much pressure onto this one.

I mean, shouldn't we be expecting that sort of hype level from the next E3 presentation?
That's not for another few months, IIRC.

I'm not saying that this won't have any exciting announcements to justify the hype, but let's not be unrealistic and set ourselves up for disappointment because we raised the bar way too high for them to get over...

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The story is too old to be commented.