New Images Of Infamous: Second Son Collector's Edition

Some new images of the Infamous: Second Son Collector's Edition from Amazon and Gamestop. Are you going to buy it?

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boskoz897d ago

Looks even more promising

Rockefellow897d ago

I'm sorry, what looks more promising? There aren't any new screenshots here, just another look at the contents of the CE.

dcj0524897d ago

Yeah. A box and some items doesn't make a game look better.

-Foxtrot897d ago

The only major flaw in this is that it should of had a steelbook, the lovely hand print design doesn't work well being a normal case.

TetsujinFranky897d ago

This is the game that might really push me in getting a PlayStation 4. Everything related to it just screams quality.

Alexious897d ago

I really liked the Infamous games on PS3. While this doesn't seem to have major innovations, I don't think they were needed, at least this time around.

Perhaps for the next game.

WeAreLegion897d ago (Edited 897d ago )

We won't know until the game comes out. They aren't telling us much about the story or new powers. They want to keep them secret.

Also, what innovations would you like to see in the sequels?

Aurenar897d ago

Can't wait for play it!!! :C

TheUltimateGamer897d ago

Man, this game looks amazing! I can't wait!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.