[TLOU] Launch trailer of Left Behind revealed

Playstation just released the launch trailer of Left behind, The DLC of The Last of Us.

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GribbleGrunger1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

It should be activated at midnight if you've already downloaded and installed the DLC. That's 2 and a half hours for me!

edit: It should have been 3 and a half hours. The time is going so slowly ...

SnotyTheRocket1617d ago

how do you download? ive got the season pass.

psman0121617d ago

Words cannot describe how excited I am for this.

-Foxtrot1617d ago

Lovely music

Shame it's going to be about two characters we already know about, especially the fate of one of them but it's more of the Last of Us and that's all I care about :)

It's going to be great

-Foxtrot1617d ago

lol @ disagrees....really

It's the Last of Us...come on

neocores1617d ago

It is the last of us and we know nothing about her friend only to know that she was bitten.

-Foxtrot1617d ago

Read the comic and you'll know, you will find a lot about her adventures with Riley.

It's all there, it's even on the internet to read

Baccra171617d ago

Also a shame her friend is black for the sake of being politically correct. Then again it's also a shame Ish doesn't get a DLC but dumb multiplayer gets plenty.

thejigisup1617d ago

The devs said they needed a black friend just for the story to be pc? its actually a shame you feel that way. Her friend could have been indian, or chinese, or guatemalan, face it; there are different races all over the world and not everyone is a bigot or in search of a race specific friend so they meet the requirements to be politically correct. People like you ruin the internet.

grailly1617d ago

so how do you differentiate "genuine" black characters from "politically correct" black characters?

orakle441617d ago

What the hell does it matter what color any character is? It's an honest question to you. What difference does it make?

I'll give you the answer.....none.

Baccra171617d ago

@ all below:

If you can't tell when something has been added to the story is organic or or pc by now, that's just sad. And yeah, I would like another race than token-black-only-their-for-the -sake-of-being -pc. Why for example couldn't the person be mixed? What, there's no mixed people out there?

Argue all you want, she's a token pc character, and I rather have another race or mixed person than have her.

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Kran1617d ago


I won't be alone on Valentines.

I have my PS3 to keep me company... and my PS4 =D

Fishy Fingers1617d ago

My PS4 is getting no love this weekend.

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