Tips for Beating Ryse on Legendary

Barry writes, "Trying to get through Ryse on Legendary can be trying for a couple of reasons. A couple of things you depended on during other difficulty of the game will be diminished, like the extra execution bonuses and the red flare on an enemy right before a heavy attack. "

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Angels37851286d ago

keep pressing A until the button breaks...then keep pressing.

JokesOnYou1286d ago

Yeah, he obviously never played it, on Legendary its like a different game, "stick and move" is the best tip I can give.

Nartzee-Ninja1286d ago

I did it, was great fun apart from some of the spear levels where you had to be 100% accurate and fast. It was defo a better experience on legendary. This is a great game anyway, and I get alot of enjoyment playing online too.

JokesOnYou1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Ahh, nice to hear comments from someone who ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME, looks like I wasn't the only one that part gave hell. There are a few other frustrating area's but I did enjoy Legendary difficulty a lot....the damage dealt by the enemy was challenging even with a maxed out health bar.

Intentions1286d ago

Possibly one of the most frustrating games to finish on the hardest difficulty.

Mikefizzled1286d ago

Not really just that damned area where you have to defend your men from pillums. I nearly lost my marbles doing it.

JokesOnYou1286d ago

lol, You too....seriously I never cursed so much.

xfear2diex1286d ago

how will you beat it if you did not play it?

LordMaim1285d ago


Ares84HU1286d ago

You have to be really good with quicktime events??

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