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PixlBit | "It’s fascinating to go back to the original Sonic the Hedgehog after so many years and so many new entries in the series. These days, everyone wants to convince you that Sonic is a game all about speed. Without it, it’s simply not the same – not like the original titles on the Genesis. What the original game has reminded me of is that Sonic is a platformer first and foremost and a game about speed second. Very rarely does Sonic hit breakneck speeds in his debut; more often than not he’s taking calculated jumps in a sidescroller that’s merely more mobile than the one that features his Italian plumber counterpart.

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dcj05241435d ago

Yeah. I recently played through sonic 3 but didn't get any emarlds so i can't finish it. The game has sections where you go really fast but you ALWAYS have to be ready to STOP and platform or roll through some enemies or dodge a chain ball. Theres lots of variety. You can come off of a super fast ramp and start jumping across ice burgs in a snap. Sonic is missing that today. I actually like sonic lost world alot because it attempts to bring that back. Tricky platformers piss me the hell off but it's super rewarding. For unleashed style gameplay they just need to add some sort of weight and momentum. It feels floaty when you jump around.