Playing Devil’s Advocate with Titanfall

Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Allow me, for one moment, to play the Devil’s advocate and discuss some of Titanfall’s more questionable features: ones that largely have flown under the radar; swept aside and understated by massive mechs and gritty gunplay. While Titanfall is undoubtedly one of this year’s biggest video game releases, it looks far from being one of this year’s most perfect video game releases."

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DJustinUNCHAIND1560d ago

This is a terrible article.

His argument for it failing would be that it's potential market is cut in half due to exclusivity.

Microsoft publishes better selling games than Sony ever has, with the exception of the Gran Turismo series.

Microsoft knows how to sell software.

Septic1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

His key reasons were:

1) No story

2) Game is not coming out on PS4

3) Player-count: "Having twelve players duke it out in a large stage might lend itself to players going a considerable stretch of time without interacting "-

No but that isn't the case....

But the article says this:

"In terms of gameplay, Titanfall appears to be undeniably top notch. Respawn has clearly crafted a FPS that builds upon the conventions that work within the genre, while continuing to add new innovations."

And ultimately, doesn't this matter the most? The gameplay? So what are the reasons for playing devil's advocate?

Godmars2901560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

1) There is no story. Or rather, by any real count, as a player your character is nothing more than a faceless grunt who's being talked at by the supposed "main" characters who deliver the game's story by talking about it. Anything which actually happens to them will be via scripted events which you have had no real hand in. Which maybe effected by group scores.

2) This is a non-point. Its not going to be on a specific system, tough day for you, tough day for EA if they could have made more money than MS did keeping it exclusive. There's never been an examination of such instances.

3) There is a scent of BS around this one. With a base twelve available player slots on a map yet around 50 characters including AI-bots and pilotless mechs, there is room for more players. And yet further AI-bots are less of a challenge and really little more than "-1" to the clock for calling Titans. The only other units in the game.

4) Since the game was first announced it was as if MS where using it as The showcase title for the XB1 and all they intended to do with it.

Then over time it was slowly revealed that the game's AI did not us or gained any benefits from cloud severs. Textures and graphics came into question. Then the player count. With Respawn still tight lipped on other details about a game with only a month till its release.

In the end this game by all rights may indeed be a good if not great game, but in all likelihood as has become the sad habit of the industry, its been oversold. That its fans have become zealously over defensive of it and it may take the third or fourth lazy sequel for many to even begin to realize it.

Goro1560d ago

If Titanfall is profitable, which i'm sure it will be, then yes. It's EA after all.

Philoctetes1560d ago

The author is dead wrong about the inclusion of AI bots. That was absolutely brilliant on the part of Respawn. Scrub players are now going to feel like demigods and even weak players will have no problem putting up a positive KDR in this game, which is going to make this a massive hit with the typical COD player.

Aaroncls71560d ago

Woah, I just thinking about playing devil's advocate myself since my friends have been crazy about Titanfall lately; and to be honest, I too have been impressed... mostly.

My argument would be against the fast kill gameplay flow. I would favor shielded soldiers that do not die with just a coupe of bullets. I mean it would be difficult to adjust that; but think about earning kills with skill and grace instead of just a quick gib or auto headshot.

Either way, I'm giving this game a shot, as I'm sure everyone will.

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