Titanfall Xbox One Beta Size revealed

Behindgames writes: We informed you yesterday about the beta size on PC as "12.38 GB"

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famoussasjohn1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Ya I remember seeing the audio alone for the PC was 6GB. Thankfully it isn't that large in the beta on Xbox One so I don't have to spend a few hours downloading 12GB.

FITgamer1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

The audio is actually almost 7GB, it seemed like downloaded faster than it installed. It took like 25-30 minutes to install just the audio and less than 5 for the rest.

Fishy Fingers1531d ago

Jesus, thats one big beta file. Still, its all irrelevent unless I get my damn code!!

gedden71531d ago

Wow watching a live beta and this game just looks okay....

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1531d ago

pretty much my thoughts after watching a few hours on twitch

ThePope1531d ago

Good enough for you to watch a few hours

darthv721531d ago

Zing....the pope got you there soul.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1531d ago

@Darth @ThePope

Oh gosh... you're right... somethings being done right lol

dp2774071531d ago

Ive been playing it on my PC and its fun but i'm already getting bored with it. Hopefully they have a ton of more options and levels which im sure they will but this is gonna need alot of extra's with no singleplayer. I still like it though and will prob get it after a price drop on PC.

gedden71531d ago

Im there already w/o even playing it....

Allsystemgamer1531d ago

i cant even get the damn game to load a match... i click play and titanfall.exe has stopped working. yet another EA published game that doesnt even work

CursedMarkBlake1531d ago

its actually really fun ive been playing on PC, its one of those games that okay watching, but fun playing it

Deadmonkey761531d ago

The video quality isn't the same just took a break from Titanfall and it is a great game. So much better than cod

gedden71531d ago

dislike all you want but i really dont see this game being around for 6 months...

curtis921531d ago

@ThePope would you prefer he didn't like it having not seen any or very little gameplay? I've seen a LOT of gameplay and the more I see, the less interested I am. I was in love with the idea of this game early on, but the more I see of it, the more it almost feels like COD with some mechs. And bots... lots of bots. Lots of stupid, stupid bots.

dp2774071531d ago

I actually didn't think the 6vs6 would hurt it but after playing it I hate bots. I'll run into a room having a bot on my team and a bot on the othersides team shooting outta windows next to each other or another team of bots take forever to even notice you and i'm not even sure if they've even attacked me yet.

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LAWSON721531d ago

I got my beta code for PC around noon (est) wish the rest of you guys luck. I cant wait to play it

BattleTorn1531d ago

I've now received my SECOND beta code (I used multiple emails)

Anyone is free to message me for it!!! First come first serve

gamertk4211531d ago

Taking a break from the beta for some breakfast. It is fantastic!

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The story is too old to be commented.