Top franchises we want to see as LEGO games

Insert View writes, "The LEGO Group has a long and successful history of licensing our favorite pop culture franchises and recreating them in LEGO form, brick by brick. Just releasing a couple of sets isn’t enough nowadays, as LEGO has expanded well beyond its colorful building tools. The developers at TT Games have created a successful line of video games based on the LEGO franchise and its array of licenses, and while Harry Potter and Marvel/DC superheroes are grand and all, the recent release of The LEGO Movie and its video game counterpart got us thinking about what top franchises we’d really like to see in minifigure form on our consoles."

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Relientk771586d ago

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I definitely agree with

kayoss1586d ago

Final fantasy franchise. I dont care which one as long its a final fantasy series.

While they are at it, make Lego Tetris game.

DOMination-1586d ago

Please EA sanction a lego mass effect

Alstor_H2O1586d ago

The fact that those first three aren't LEGO games already is really shocking.

link2Dpast1586d ago

I know Nintendo has recently saying they wouldn't mind collaborating with other developers with their franchises, i think this would defiantly be a good route for them to make a run for the so called "casual/kids market". Pick a known character or franschise and make them lego

Crazay1586d ago

I've grown tired of all the Lego games.

BigZuDaddy1586d ago

I'm thinking the same thing. All these lego games are becoming stupid and now with a Lego movie out I just want them to go away....sick of hearing about them.

DarkLord10031586d ago

Man - the Simpsons Lego Game - how awesome would that be!!

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The story is too old to be commented.