Is Justin Bieber a Gamer?

Even though Justin Bieber is an extremely busy celebrity, he still makes time to relax and enjoy some gaming. If any of you “beliebers” are interested in finding out about Justin Bieber’s gaming habits or seeing his best gaming photos you can find out more below.

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Relientk771495d ago

He probably plays Hello Kitty Island Adventure, or Barbie games

zippycup1495d ago

lol i was thinking of posting that crud beat me to it
i think instead of sony/microsoft/nintendo/pc gamers fighting each other we should just gang up on justin beiber

Link2DaFutcha1495d ago

I heard he created flappy birds

e-p-ayeaH1495d ago

He obviously plays GTAV what he does in the real is very much what you do in that game.

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