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PSLS - Even though Sony’s going head-to-head with a lot less competition in 2014 now that 2K Sports won’t be renewing the MLB2K series, the team at SCEA San Diego didn’t get complacent and have improved and finely tuned nearly every feature for MLB 14: The Show. Better yet, they’re determined to release on three PlayStation platforms with full parity across all of them, refusing to sacrifice quality to meet that goal.

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jimjam34421590d ago

when i saw the thumbnail picture i thought gta 5 was getting a baseball mini game.

WickedLester1590d ago

MAN what a let down! I'm not sure what I was expecting but I don't think the character models in the PS4 version look all that different from the PS3 version other than the facial hair. I'm sorry but based on the screen shots the PS4 MLB is a big fat disappointment. IMO this is what happens when developers make cross-generational games. We all know the base engine was designed for the PS3 and then they just amped it up for the PS4 version. Yes it's nice that it's 1080p/60fps. Yes it's nice that the PS4 version has more variety in the different fans in the stands. However looking at this I KNOW the PS4 has more capability than this.

WeAreLegion1590d ago

Where have you guys been? I haven't seen PSLS articles on here much lately. What's up with that?

Psygnosis3331590d ago

baseball games,exlusive on PS sistems-sign that SONY wants comeback and domination in USA console market

MoreRPG1590d ago

They need their own NFL and FIFA games. Now thats domination.