Lara Croft: Sexiest Female Video Game Character Says Gamers

Gamers overwhelmingly chose Lara Croft as the sexiest female video game character in a GamerFitNation survey.

Of the 100 who responded to the survey, 25 chose Lara Croft as the sexiest female character. The question was open-ended, so participants could choose any character they wanted.

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It's hard to compete with Lara but I really wanted Sheva Alomar to make the list.

come_bom1465d ago

Ms. Pac-Man is sexier. So many hours wasted playing her game.

jimjam34421465d ago

sorry but alyx vance wins in my book.

jimjam34421465d ago

lol alot of people like lara croft as a sexy main character because shes barely dressed, us men are aroused by lara croft. honestly if you look at her face and her chin, she has an overbite lol, not very sexy imo.

Clown_Syndr0me1465d ago

Video game characters are not sexy..

crusf1465d ago

That clown is pretty sexy :3

JeepGamer1465d ago

And people who always have to chime in to say something like this are usually the one's with the short cut on their desk top to a folder of tens of thousands of pictures.

crusf1465d ago

Probably has pictures of sexy clowns.

NeoTribe1464d ago

I gotta agree. Cant say i get turned on by video game characters. Judging by your disagrees, you seem to be outnumbered by a bunch of children or some serious losers.

MasterCornholio1465d ago

Helga's the hottest. Especially when she shakes that booty.


crusf1465d ago

Sheeva wins hands down.

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The story is too old to be commented.