Xbox Europe Boss Resigns

Chris Lewis, the senior Microsoft executive who leads the firm's European console business, has revealed plans to retire from the company.

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bicfitness1343d ago

With the limited launch and failure to ignite the brand in the former Xbox bastion of the UK, this is really no surprise. Strange time to be a gamer. This generation will take a deadly toll on one of the three giants, I feel, and its mostly Nintendo and MS on the chopping block atm.

dedicatedtogamers1343d ago

Nintendo will be fine, considering they still have the highest-selling 8th gen platform (the 3DS) and it is selling rather well (though not as well as DS, admittedly).

Microsoft has plenty of money from other divisions (obviously) and so while they CAN keep the Xbox afloat, the question is WILL they?

loulou1343d ago

In a way dedicated, I hope they sell the brand and everything to Samsung.

After what has come to pass since 2010 when Mattrick got the helm, and was allowed to do to the brand, I think that perhaps they should sell. Especially releasing a dearer console that absolutely gets dry humped by its lower priced competitor in every metric, just shows that they lost the plot and trusted that idiot mattrick too much.

But then again Samsung getting the brand would mean the end of everyone else.... And a one console monopoly is not what I want to see.

But, seeing Samsung destroy Sony and seeing the idiotic fanboy trolls like you suffer would be pleasing.

You can't have everything I suupose

GrandTheftZamboni1343d ago


You can continue to jump ships (Sega -> Xbox -> Samsung) or you can join us on the dark side...

ABizzel11343d ago


It doesn't work like that.

For Nintendo you're right, but not on MS. Each division has their own budget for the year. Xbox division can't simply walk over to MS Office division and say we need to borrow some money. ALl the division are under the umbrella of MS, and if one division is underperforming then MS corp. has to either invest more money to that division, or start cutting budget, jobs, or worse the division.

The XBO isn't in that level of danger atm, but as we know some shareholders aren't seeing enough profit coming in to want to keep the division around.

None of the consoles are in a dire situation right now. Well maybe Wii U and Vita, but there's still hope for both of those platforms since the Vita Slim will be launching worldwide soon and hopefully PSV TV will be launching worldwide holiday 2014 with a DualShock 4 controller instead of DS3. Wii U has a good line-up of games, and with a great E3 showing they'll do fine with software sales and console sales.

nukeitall1343d ago

"Microsoft has plenty of money from other divisions (obviously) and so while they CAN keep the Xbox afloat, the question is WILL they?"

Xbox One isn't a sinking ship, and it is still a profitable and thriving platform. It just isn't selling as well as a competitor.

From a financial standpoint:

a) Sony's gaming division is fine. Sony as a whole is in trouble and has been for a decade now. Financially they are pretty bad off.

b) MS gaming division is fine. MS as a whole is fine financially and otherwise although they face threat from somewhat poor Windows 8 sales.

c) Nintendo is "gaming division" is half and half, meaning handheld is fine, but console is imploding. Financially they have plenty of cash in the piggy bank.

So the real concern isn't if Xbox is staying a float, it is self sustaining!

The real question is, can Sony prevent other departments that are poorly performing (i.e. the rest of the company) from affecting the gaming division!

The other real question is, can Nintendo sustain the losses with Wii U, and the decreasing handheld business? Will their new strategy of wearable devices be possible.

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cleft51343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Nintendo isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The Wii success and the DS will see them through their current hardship. Microsoft is an interesting case, they have more than enough money to keep them going in the console market but the real question is whether or not they will choose to continue going this route. The Xbox One as it stands now doesn't make much sense to the direction Microsoft is trying to go in, but the Xbox One with all of the DRM made perfect sense. So either they will leave the market or figure out a new way to implement the policies of the original plan for the Xbox One.

MakiManPR1343d ago

Games for Windows Live. They need to return to PC. Sell Xbox to Google or someone else.

Automatic791343d ago

MS isn't going anywhere the fact that most assume that MS is losing is due to Sony launching in a lot more territories but for MS to stay right in the hunt they need to launch in more territories. Enough with a 3 month judgment on who will win this generation lets let it play out.

truefan11343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Lol so, ps4 fans say Sony cutting failing divisions and eliminating thousands of jobs is trimming the fat, but a guy being pushed to resign is a sign the sky is falling. It says XBOX EUROPE boss resigns, not Uk. He has failed to grow the xbox brand in Europe, which is a continent, not a country. I like this move first Matrick now him, I see these as positive moves. When you don;t produce you get replaced. Only on n4g will a failing executive being forced to resign be considered as a person jumping ship lol. Or the xbox having it's most successful launch ever be consider a failure after 2.5 months. Give me Phil and Phil, they will continue to lead xbox gaming in a great direction.

christocolus1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

The guy has been at Ms since 1989, thats a pretty long time. MS needs to find the right person to replace this guy. Phil Harrison would be a great idea but he is currently focused on the studios and game development in that region imo ms needs to find someone from outside the company, new blood with fresh ideas but with years of experience, someone quite vast in the knowledge of the business and dedicated to gamers.

I wouldnt bother too much about his though cos i trust MS will get the right person in there in no time, they have been recruiting alot lately and i feel their uk console business is in need of some change.

Wish Chris all the best though he did a good job with the 360.

Clarence1343d ago

I know it hurts doesn't it. Lol better luck next time. The PS4 is dominating in all the major territories.

Great gaming? Over charging for inferior hardware is great gaming? Very delusional my friend.

maniacmayhem1343d ago

MS's console is selling very well and has even surpassed the 360's successful launch so no MS is not on the chopping block.

Nintendo has billions in the bank, all profit. Yes, their WiiU is not doing well at all but in no way is Nintendo ever going to be on the chopping block.

Nocando1343d ago

Add to that the fact the 360 was launched when there were no other competitors, and the X1 is hobbling out of the gate due to the E3 disaster and going up against the Ps4. I would say the X1 is doing surprisingly well. I know its hard for most of you to believe, but it does not bother me that the Ps4 is ahead, or if it remains ahead for that matter.

maniacmayhem1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )


I am not surprised the PS4 is ahead either. The console is $400 bux. That is the sweetest spot for any consumer. MS was out of their mind to sell theirs 100 more, they should have at least made it $450.

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jimjam34421343d ago

man all these executives leaving ms, do they know something we don't?

The Meerkat1343d ago


They have pretty much proved that we know much more than they do.

If they read N4G they could even have found out what they didn't know before they made a big mess of things.

Fireseed1343d ago

Yes. N4G, the bastion of level headed and insightful commentary on the gaming industry.

Ashlen1343d ago

No, there just realizing what people have been saying for months.

pyramidshead1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

I guess that's what you get when the suits rule the roost and bork the vision of a dominating brand. You can tell the original 360 pioneers aren't there anymore.

jimjam34421343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

yeah i totally agree, xbox 360, even though was much less powerful than the ps3, was still a fantastic console, at this point its too early too tell who is the winner of this gen but its not looking good for xbox.

morganfell1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

They had some good guys at one time that were inside the community, not looking at it from a glass tower. J. Allard knew exactly what he was doing. In fact he was so good they thought he could rescue other MS hardware. They should never have moved him. If he was still at Xbox you would never have seen the X1 launch the way it did with those out of touch policies.

dedicatedtogamers1343d ago

Best of luck to him. The former leads of the Xbox brand (y'know, the ones who made it a success and who pushed it forward in the gaming space) all seem to be leaving the company.

inb4 "You fool X1 has the best launch Lineup MEtaCritic they are focusing on gaming!"

Um...yeah, I'm talking about long term here. You can't determine long-term commitment by looking at the launch window. Perhaps these XBox bosses see what's coming down the road and they want out.

Automatic791343d ago

Its called restructuring new blood is needed.

tiremfej1343d ago

Sony has the cash issues and is losing each console sold...that all being said, both consoles have sold at a record pace. Granted it isn't iPad sales...however how many gens did it take to get there? Both Sony and MS will have a strong showing. Nintendo? They may go the way of Sega...although they have more liquidity than Sony.

jimjam34421343d ago

actually sony is making like $20 per console (about, i dont know the exact numbers the point is they are making a profit) last gen though the ps3 was selling at a loss until like 2009 i think.

theWB271343d ago

Actually they aren't making money. After a PS+ or game attachment they are.

Microsoft makes a profit or breaks even on the hardware before a game or Live is attached.

tiremfej1343d ago

I'm not sure where disagrees come is all facts! Sony is cash strapped even with PS3 profits...Ninty hasn't had a strong showing. MS is in a good place financially but the the perceived lack of power of the X1 will hurt it and it has via will be interesting.

pompombrum1343d ago

Sorry but why are you even bringing Sony up in this article? It's about a Microsoft employee resigning, not a Sony one. I swear, I hear more about Sony in Xbox articles than I do on PS ones.

Father__Merrin1343d ago

matrick out now this guy, things are looking very dire indeed,

it says he's retiring? how old is he 60?

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