Infamous: Second Son Seems To Run Well Over "30 FPS" Says Early Impression

Yesterday Sony lifted the embargo on Infamous: Second Son, and as expected tons of details arrived about the game via preview. Our Friend Game Reactor also posted the preview of Infamous: Second and commented something interesting about resolution at which Infamous: Second Son runs on PS4.


The writer talked to SuckerPunch via Twitter on Infamous: Second Son FPS. Read the entire conversation at source, it seems like SP is keeping their cards close to their chest..

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Xsilver1473d ago

This should be interesting but i do have the Broll Video and the game is very smooth from what i saw in the video.

Angels37851473d ago

I wouldn't mind if it was 30, but I'm glad to hear optimization is coming alone :)

NewMonday1473d ago

it is locked at a solid and stable 30FPS and that gives the impression the game is running at higher frame rate.

JodyCones1473d ago

I wouldn't mind either because it has more of a cinematic feel, but it's going to look smoother than what we think- I believe.

ABizzel11473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

My guess is it's unlocked like Killzone. So it should be running 30 - 45 fps, generally in the 40's.

To be honest, in a non-loading open world game I'd probably go for the locked 30fps if I were them, but if they can do it right go for it.

hazeblaze1473d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. I'm fine with 30 fps in this type of game.

truefan11473d ago

I'm glad to see last gen 30fps is so widely accepted on ps4 now. What happened to the give me 1080p 60fps or give me death type of guys. Man if this was an xbox article 1 month ago, I would love to have compared that to this blog.

Xsilver1473d ago

@truefan of xbox
its a open world game so 30 fps is not a problem and clearly this article is stating how smooth the game moves So why don't you go defend 792p with 60fps that dips on titanfall when it looks like this before coming at infamous's 1080p 30fps.

FamilyGuy1473d ago

It's looked buttery smooth every time I've seen it in action, even before this embargo lift. I was surprised when they said it was 30 but either way, locked 30 of higher it looks phenomenal.

Deividas1473d ago


Dude, this is an openworld...Massive open world. Look at Dead Rising 3, runs at 720p @ about 20fps and then you have this gorgeous game...running at 1080p at around 40fps with extraordinary particle effects....Massive difference im afraid.

Edsword1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

@truefan1 - I think its really the PC gamers that were pushing the 1080p 60fps for every game angle. This does not mean that the difference between the PS4 running a game at 1080p 60fps and the XB1 only being able to handle 30fps or 720p at 60fps is not significant. A game like TRDE and COD highlight that there is a significant power gap between the two systems that is greater than anything we saw last gen. XB fans were gloating about slight better textures and 2 or 3 frames in games last gen. I am not going to gloat on the PS4s ability, but I will say that I don't feel sorry for MS fans that just couldn't let the multi platform difference die last gen even though they were minute. 1/2 the resolution to achieve the same performance is not minute. By the way I owned both systems last gen and will likely pick up an XB1 when the price drops or if they run that free XB with new PC deal again, as I will need a new PC in a couple years.

M-M1473d ago

If it's at least 45FPS, even that would be amazing for such a large scale game.

NewMonday1473d ago


60fps is always better than 30fps

1080p is always better than 720p

the issue is choice, obviously for exclusive games we have only one option, but 3rd party games are over 90% of the library and they will be better on PS4 compared to XB1

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Christopher1473d ago

I thought 60 fps was really desired primarily for multiplayer shooters and similar multiplayer games?

Do we really need to ask for more with every game under the sun when we're just playing the AI and not other players?

Lucas221473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

hopefully they lock it at 30fps


Yep, I don't think most people on here understand why 40's just won't look right lol.

strigoi8141473d ago

lock it down to 30fps...better safe than sorry

windblowsagain1473d ago

They have probably locked it at 30fps.

It probably runs anywhere from 45+ in most area's. But to keep tearing and a smooth experience they kept at 30fps.

Uncharted 2-3, resistance 3 was quality 30fps.

PersonMan1472d ago

I hope they locked it at 30fps too.

Maybe it's running locked at 30fps, but people think it's higher because of high quality object-based motion blur.

Father__Merrin1473d ago


stick to a solid 30 please

Riderz13371473d ago

I disagree. If it's done well, fluctuating FPS between 30-60 can be better than just 30 locked.

For example look at the God of War games...

M-M1473d ago

I disagree, I would rather have it locked between 30-45FPS to prevent random drops. Fluctuating FPS in games like GoW are fine because of the way the game play is(slows down on hits, QTEs, allows for the GPU to "catch up" with what's going on within the high fight areas).