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Infamous: Second Son Seems To Run Well Over "30 FPS" Says Early Impression

Yesterday Sony lifted the embargo on Infamous: Second Son, and as expected tons of details arrived about the game via preview. Our Friend Game Reactor also posted the preview of Infamous: Second and commented something interesting about resolution at which Infamous: Second Son runs on PS4. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

Update The writer talked to SuckerPunch via Twitter on Infamous: Second Son FPS. Read the entire conversation at source, it seems like SP is keeping their cards close to their chest..

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Xsilver  +   536d ago
This should be interesting but i do have the Broll Video and the game is very smooth from what i saw in the video.
Angels3785  +   536d ago
I wouldn't mind if it was 30, but I'm glad to hear optimization is coming alone :)
NewMonday  +   536d ago
it is locked at a solid and stable 30FPS and that gives the impression the game is running at higher frame rate.
JodyCones  +   536d ago
I wouldn't mind either because it has more of a cinematic feel, but it's going to look smoother than what we think- I believe.
ABizzel1  +   536d ago
My guess is it's unlocked like Killzone. So it should be running 30 - 45 fps, generally in the 40's.

To be honest, in a non-loading open world game I'd probably go for the locked 30fps if I were them, but if they can do it right go for it.
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hazeblaze  +   536d ago
I was thinking the exact same thing. I'm fine with 30 fps in this type of game.
truefan1  +   536d ago
I'm glad to see last gen 30fps is so widely accepted on ps4 now. What happened to the give me 1080p 60fps or give me death type of guys. Man if this was an xbox article 1 month ago, I would love to have compared that to this blog.
Xsilver  +   536d ago
@truefan of xbox
its a open world game so 30 fps is not a problem and clearly this article is stating how smooth the game moves So why don't you go defend 792p with 60fps that dips on titanfall when it looks like this http://i7.minus.com/i8sAbmM... before coming at infamous's 1080p 30fps.
FamilyGuy  +   536d ago
It's looked buttery smooth every time I've seen it in action, even before this embargo lift. I was surprised when they said it was 30 but either way, locked 30 of higher it looks phenomenal.
Deividas  +   536d ago

Dude, this is an openworld...Massive open world. Look at Dead Rising 3, runs at 720p @ about 20fps and then you have this gorgeous game...running at 1080p at around 40fps with extraordinary particle effects....Massive difference im afraid.
Edsword  +   536d ago
@truefan1 - I think its really the PC gamers that were pushing the 1080p 60fps for every game angle. This does not mean that the difference between the PS4 running a game at 1080p 60fps and the XB1 only being able to handle 30fps or 720p at 60fps is not significant. A game like TRDE and COD highlight that there is a significant power gap between the two systems that is greater than anything we saw last gen. XB fans were gloating about slight better textures and 2 or 3 frames in games last gen. I am not going to gloat on the PS4s ability, but I will say that I don't feel sorry for MS fans that just couldn't let the multi platform difference die last gen even though they were minute. 1/2 the resolution to achieve the same performance is not minute. By the way I owned both systems last gen and will likely pick up an XB1 when the price drops or if they run that free XB with new PC deal again, as I will need a new PC in a couple years.
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M-M  +   536d ago
If it's at least 45FPS, even that would be amazing for such a large scale game.
NewMonday  +   536d ago

60fps is always better than 30fps

1080p is always better than 720p

the issue is choice, obviously for exclusive games we have only one option, but 3rd party games are over 90% of the library and they will be better on PS4 compared to XB1
Christopher  +   536d ago
I thought 60 fps was really desired primarily for multiplayer shooters and similar multiplayer games?

Do we really need to ask for more with every game under the sun when we're just playing the AI and not other players?
Lucas22  +   536d ago
hopefully they lock it at 30fps
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GUTZnPAPERCUTZ  +   536d ago
Yep, I don't think most people on here understand why 40's just won't look right lol.
strigoi814  +   536d ago
lock it down to 30fps...better safe than sorry
PersonMan  +   535d ago
windblowsagain  +   536d ago
They have probably locked it at 30fps.

It probably runs anywhere from 45+ in most area's. But to keep tearing and a smooth experience they kept at 30fps.

Uncharted 2-3, resistance 3 was quality 30fps.
PersonMan  +   535d ago
I hope they locked it at 30fps too.

Maybe it's running locked at 30fps, but people think it's higher because of high quality object-based motion blur.
Father__Merrin  +   536d ago

stick to a solid 30 please
Riderz1337  +   536d ago
I disagree. If it's done well, fluctuating FPS between 30-60 can be better than just 30 locked.

For example look at the God of War games...
M-M  +   536d ago
I disagree, I would rather have it locked between 30-45FPS to prevent random drops. Fluctuating FPS in games like GoW are fine because of the way the game play is(slows down on hits, QTEs, allows for the GPU to "catch up" with what's going on within the high fight areas).
jimjam3442  +   536d ago
id rather have a 30 fps game with no drops at all than a game like killzone where every other level runs at a higher/lower fps. hold your disagrees now, i liked killzone i just hated how every level had a different fps.
Meltic  +   536d ago
It will be good trust me
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Angels3785  +   536d ago
yeah I would too...if that happened in killzone.
jimjam3442  +   536d ago
it totally did, the level where you escape from the prison seemed like it could barely run at 30 fps, while the beginning mssion was 60 and up for sure.
Deadmonkey76  +   536d ago
This game looks promising and I hope it is butter smooth now to get a ps4 I have a kidney for sale
G20WLY  +   536d ago
Really? How much?? My steak pie's looking a little bland...
Deadmonkey76  +   536d ago
500 enough to get a ps4 and a game or two.
jhoward585  +   536d ago
With the amount of particle effects /destructible objects/explosion in SS it has to have a stable frame rate or else everything will look choppy.
Meltic  +   536d ago
i dont care as long as the game runs smooth and fine like on the videos and im happy with it.
UbiquitousClam  +   536d ago
I've always wanted to know why you only hear about games running at either 30 or 60 fps. Why aren't games locked at 40 or 50 fps? Why are 30 or 60 the only frame rates developers target(on consoles).
jimjam3442  +   536d ago
i often wonder this myself.
MasterCornholio  +   536d ago
I remember someone mentioned that it had something to do with refresh rates on the TV.
zerog  +   536d ago
Yep to get fps out of your tv you basically need double the refresh rate. Like 30fps needs 60htz, 60fps-120htz. Keeping the numbers balanced evenly keeps you from losing frames on refresh which is why I don't see how so many people complain about the fps because unless you have a bigger tv with at least 120htz you'll never see 60fps anyway. Its the reason I upgraded to a 55" with a 240 refresh for my ps4, just to make sure its future proof because who knows where optimization will take fps in a few years.
cyclindk  +   536d ago
Can i have your old one?
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KillrateOmega  +   536d ago
It's because TV's have certain refresh rates, such as 60Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz, etc. The gaming platform has to synch with those rates.

There is no in-between for those refresh rates. Why? I don't know. I think it's a hardware thing or something.

Please keep in mind that I'm no expert on this matter.
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MasterCornholio  +   536d ago
Good to hear that its running so well and in 1080P.

pyramidshead  +   536d ago
Suckerpunch were one of the first to get their hands on PS4 tech if I remember so had no doubt they'd produce such a meaty game at full HD.
The_Truth_24_7  +   536d ago
But no MP! Lol!
Lboogieskells  +   536d ago
I'm ok with that.
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cyclindk  +   536d ago
Tru tru twenny fo 7 strikes again!
Xsilver  +   536d ago
the series never had MP so whats funny :/.
scott182  +   536d ago
I would like to see them include mp, I think it could be awesome, like it is for GTA. But I am also fine with them focusing purely on single play, to make is as polished as possible... Maybe the next infamous will include mp.
GirlOnFire  +   536d ago
Sad when multiplayer is thrown in.. Every Xbox fan guy must be use to multiplayer stapled on because your XBL fee is for something right? All my favorite games are single player on PlayStation. God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Kingdom Hearts, Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, Last of Us/Uncharted(I never played mp), and No More Heroes etc. I will not be buying TitanFall because its only MP. ^~^
XiSasukeUchiha  +   536d ago
Damn good thing better to be safe than sorry!
maniacmayhem  +   536d ago
Gawd! Who cares!!!

Does the game play well? Yes? COOL!

Is the game fun to play? Yes? COOL!

This infatuation all of a sudden with framerate and resolution over gameplay and design seems like a smokescreen cover to divert gamer's attention away from the same ol', same ol' type of gameplay that a lot of devs might just be porting over from last gen.
MasterCornholio  +   536d ago
"Gawd! Who cares!!!"

You do.


Otherwise you wouldn't have had this little meltdown.

Feel better?
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maniacmayhem  +   536d ago
I care that this subject is getting way more attention than actual gameplay and design.

We seem to focus on the wrong types of issues and then later on we find out the game is filled with bugs, broken or just not fun to play.

Not saying infamous will have these problems. But I want to know how different the gameplay will be from the past installments. Will we be going around collecting shards as usual, will parts of the city be locked off like the past ones or fully opened to explore?
Imalwaysright  +   536d ago
Framerate directly affects gameplay.
staticdash22  +   536d ago
I care.

60fps helps to reduce controller latency, smooths out animations, prevents screen tearing, etc
Hicken  +   536d ago
It's not "framerate and resolution over gameplay and design."

It's that that's one of the best indicators of the power of the two consoles. And that power will come to influence gameplay and design for the duration of this generation. Between Microsoft's PR and the fans that treat it as the word of God, there are plenty of people who still believe there's little to no gap in power.

I mean, we've all seen you and plenty of others claim this stuff doesn't matter; rarely do we see any of you correct the ones that say "there's no difference between 900p and 1080p, or 60fps and 30fps." You'll frequently call me out for not calling out Sony fanboys, yet you're guilty of the very same inaction on the Microsoft front.

It's also a sharp turnaround from last generation, as the very crowd(generally, not to a man) shouting "Who cares?" now was praising the 360's miniscule advantages.

Besides, hasn't it been said many times before that resolution and graphics can directly impact gameplay and design? Are you going to pretend like you can't see how that's possible?
maniacmayhem  +   536d ago
And as I have asked you before Hicken, what has all that power done for how games are played differently between the two consoles?

All I ever hear from you and others is how much powerful a certain console is. But besides graphics, what else have we seen that hasn't been done before in games? What feature or design is changing how games are played? Where's the dynamic or ever expanding AI, the actual story being changed with decisions we make in game?

Again, how little you remember. It was the PS3 crowd who shouted the superior graphics of the PS3 when it came to multiplats. Remember FF13, how everyone said the blacks were darker on PS3 or the jaggies were apparent on the 360 version. If it wasn't that then it was you name dropping Naughty Dog and the graphics for Uncharted 2.

I don't really care about 1080p, 900p, etc etc as long as the game still looks good and plays the same. Something that was not apparent on "some" PS3 ports due to the hard architecture the cell had in the PS3. An example would be Bioshock and Bayonetta which were plagued by bugs and glitches. This is not the case between the X1 and PS4.

"hasn't it been said many times before that resolution and graphics can directly impact gameplay and design?"

No it has not been said many times, not the impact you believe it's suppose to be having. It has been said many times though that graphics and resolution does not matter when it comes to fun gameplay and great design. Will you also pretend that's not possible as you ONLY boast the power of the PS4.

Also I find it funny that all you ever do is yell about the power of PS4 but none of it's games. Says a lot about the system you push so hard on others.
scott182  +   536d ago
Do you find it enjoyable to play games with bad fps?

I think resolution and fps add to the enjoyment a lot of times.
Hicken  +   536d ago
Hoo, boy...

"what has all that power done"

We'll find that out, don't you think? Or do you believe such things would happen with the first batch of games on each system?

"what else have we seen that hasn't been done before in games?"

Again, it's the first batch of games for the new generation; were we seeing such things last gen, or the gen before that, with the very first run of games? With the exception of the Wii, whose entire premise was different, the answer is a resounding "No" on launch games. Continuing to press that point is, frankly, ignorant on your part.

"Remember FF13..."

Lol, XIII came out in 2009(2010 everywhere). Prior to that, literally EVERY multiplat was touted by the 360 fanbase as being superior on 360. Have you conveniently forgotten about that? About how even AFTER that, multiplats were still the big decider for 360 fans? Or how 360 owners swore up and down that Gears looked better than anything on PS3, including Uncharted and GOW? I guess, even though you're trying to bring up ONE past instance, we have to ignore everything that contradicts what you say.

"I don't really care about..."

Yet you make your way into a pretty high number of articles pertaining to just that subject. That's a little weird.

"No it has not been said many times..."

Uh, yes, it HAS. Closing your eyes and blindly PRETENDING it hasn't doesn't make it so. It's been said since these consoles launched that we're not gonna see the most innovation at the start of the generation. Anybody who's been gaming since before the last generation- which apparently excludes you- could tell you that. Extra power is no GUARANTEE of innovation, but you can bet your ass devs would rather have it than not.

"... all you ever do..."

Or all you ever pay attention to. I've done quite a bit talking about Killzone, Resogun, Knack, DC Universe, even Warframe. Also upcoming games like Drive Club, inFamous, and The Order. Oh, but I guess since those comments of mine don't corroborate your claim, they don't exist, right?

Pretty pathetic.
maniacmayhem  +   536d ago
"Or do you believe such things would happen with the first batch of games on each system?"

If that's the case then how can you sit there and boast any true advantages the PS4 has. both systems will evolve over time and we have already received articles that Xbox One is getting new SDK's to output your much needed resolutions and framerates. I love how you apply one set of standards to one system and not the other.

Hicken, go back years and years ago to any side by side comparison article and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. PS3 fanboys proclaiming the power of the cell is what produced better graphics for the PS3 multiplats, some even mistakenly citied Blu-ray was the cause. Of course you being blind probably only recognized the Xbox fanboys who said this, which there were, but it came on all sides not JUST the xbox fanboys.

I don't really care about res, and more than likely i'll let people know why I don't. Unlike you who will go in every Xbox/MS article hunting anyone that leaves a negative comment about Sony and putting down insults.

"these consoles launched that we're not gonna see the most innovation at the start of the generation.."

"Extra power is no GUARANTEE of innovation"

And yet we get you yelling and ranting about how powerful the PS4 is and yet we haven't seen any proof other than the difference in framerate/res for these games. Which was exactly my point, but being the complete tool you are, all you saw was another knock against Sony and once again blindly went in without thinking. As usual for you.

"I've done quite a bit talking about..."

The only bit of talking you have done for those games is to point out to anyone the number of games currently on PS4 or how great those graphics are compared to Xbox One. But RARELY if ever have I seen an honest post, (not a reply) on how excited you are to see a game coming to PS4.

Most if not all your posts is you hunting anyone that doesn't appreciate your Sony. You are constantly accusing people of never playing a PS3/4 game if they have a less than value opinion of it, only to be left looking stupid when that same person proves you wrong.
This just happened recently.


But looking stupid is very fashionable to you since you wear it so well right?
XboxFun  +   535d ago
Good lord Maniac....the contradictions and back peddling this guy Hicken does is unbelievable.

I actually belive you could have went in harder on his obvious blindness and suckering for Sony, but you went easy. A true gentleman, plus bubbs for you mayhem.
jessupj  +   536d ago
I agree with you that I wish we were focusing on gameplay instead and pushing more innovation.

I think what hicken was trying to say is that the resolution and frame rate difference shows us the power of the PS4 and that power has the potential to make better games.

The more powerful the system the less restricted the developers are in trying to create their vision in building bigger, deeper and more complex game worlds.

For example, there might come a time where the developers want to create a rich open world with absolutely no load times. It's a complete sandbox. Said game might be possible on the PS4, but not on the xbone. Not saying that will happen, just using it as an example.

At the end of the day you have to ask yourself will the xbone miss out of games because it can't handle them. And even though the gap is quite large at this point, I have to say no, the xbone won't miss out on games.

But I'm not developer, so who knows what the future will bring.
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maniacmayhem  +   535d ago
I have no doubt that the PS4 is a powerful system and great games are coming down the line.

But like I have said, when you boast about the power but not the games then what's the point? Hicken constantly does this, hides behind the power of the ps4 with nothing to back it up.

If we keep getting the same ol' CoD, Madden, and other games that go by the numbers with just improved visuals then why invest in next gen now?

As a gamer I care more about gameplay, design and fun. If a game is fun to play and has 8-bit graphics...so be it. An example I always use is the game Earthbound, when it was released the graphics were downright terrible by SNES standards. But that game was one of the best RPG's I have ever played.

"..there might come a time where the developers want to create a rich open world with absolutely no load times. It's a complete sandbox. Said game might be possible on the PS4, but not on the xbone..."

I'm pretty sure Deadrising 3 on Xbox One is exactly what you just described.

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jessupj  +   535d ago
Yeah, I think I'd have a ton of fun with DR3, regardless of the res.
Edsword  +   536d ago
I'm glad to hear the game is coming along. 30 fps has always been okay with me as long as it is solid. They could have made the game 60 fps if that was there target, but whenever you do that something has to be sacrificed. I think 30 fps is acceptable for this type of game. AC4 looked and played really well on the PS4 locked in at 30fps. I didn't really notice the fluctuating frame rate in KZ SF so as long as it is not noticeable, I'm okay with a fluctuating frame rate as well.
PersonMan  +   535d ago
Killzone does offer the option to lock the game at 30fps.
So...31 FPS.
Unreal01  +   536d ago
Good one.
CrossingEden  +   536d ago
I would've preferred a locked 30fps because the biggest gripe with this game IMO happens to be
Maybe with a slightly lowered resolution and locked framerate it would've been possible to include locked shadows. Will also be doing a framerate test from the B-Roll footage.
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kingdom18  +   536d ago
I myself don't care about shadows, they're the first thing to go when trying to improve FPS for a game on my PC.
bornsinner  +   536d ago
looks like another 30-40fps knack, killzone slow mo style frame drops, 900p 60fps will probably be more feasible. if anyone has played killzone mp, they will know unlocked fps is terrible. i guess people expect ps4 to be like a supercomputer when in reality it struggles to do 1080p 60fps without cutbacks
killzone619  +   534d ago
yep...killzone SF framerate is bad
madpuppy  +   536d ago
You know, the game looks great but, everything about the main character including his name reeks of douche-baggery. what did Sucker Punch do, model him after Keanu Reeves?
madpuppy  +   534d ago
one more thing, he looks like one of those jerk-offs from a mountain dew commercial, pleasures himself to jack ass movies and his main form of transportation besides rides from his responsible older brother is a skate board, that is...before he got his powers.
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feraldrgn  +   536d ago
If you can't reach a constant 60, lock it to 30 please.
Tzuno  +   536d ago
ain't all of you Sony fan-boys that trolled the x1 fps bitches? now when the truth is in front of your eyes you say aaa is ok even 30 is good. did you forget that you laugh at X1 and praise the ps4 like it is a god amongst the gaming hardware. Just STFU in the future and enjoy your laptop.
MasterCornholio  +   536d ago
At least its 1080P.

PersonMan  +   536d ago

I hate fluctuating frame rates. Please at least give us the option to lock it to a solid 30fps.
killzone619  +   534d ago
unlocked framerate? fail

you either do 60fps or 30fps. Both Killzone and knack have taught us that an unlocked framerate is horrible.
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