Why do numbered Final Fantasy games take so long to develop? Square explains

Square has defended its decision to release multiple direct sequels to Final Fantasy XIII and explained why recent numbered titles have taken so long to develop, stating that it's "a lot easier" and less time-consuming to release follow-on titles than "create a new world".

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kalkano1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

But, as a side-effect, you're watering down your product, and making people not care about your games.

Which is worse? Goodbye.

A comment in the article says, "The FF series as a whole has been struggling with the switch from turn-based to active-time,"

The fact that they're even TRYING to switch IS THE PROBLEM!

LAWSON721619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

The battle systems in their games are not the problem it is the story which has gotten quite worse with FF13-2 and now apparently FF13-3.
The battle system in each game seems to get praise from every review and the only ones who think it is bad are those who did not play FF13 after the difficulty spike

Instead of the focus on MP and items it has a focus on actual battles rather than statuses between them. No FF before it has been as quick, intense, and the focus on buffs and debuffs is quite fresh for the series IMO. Should all FFs be a replica of this, no of course not but it works extremely well and is a fantastic alternative.

-Foxtrot1619d ago

"battle system in each game seems to get praise from every review"

Thats funny because I remember people criticizing the crap out of FF13's easy, mash the X button and rely on luck, battle know the one which gave you limited control over the battle.

Ilovetheps41619d ago

Foxtrot, I never read that in any reviews. As Lawson said, if you think you can just press x throughout all of the battles, I'd like to see it. The game does take strategy. Especially in some of the later fights.

asyouburn1619d ago

Anyone who has sank any amt of time whatsoever into 13 knows that it's not "press x to win". I put 165 hrs into 13 and it was primarily the battle system that kept me coming back.

Even with auto battle, the game takes quite a bit of strategy to play, but you can change the battle speed to slow and pick individual moves if that's more your thing.

Outside_ofthe_Box1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I agree that the battle system is not the problem, It's everything else (Although I disliked 13's system though. I liked FF12's system and 13-2's system was a big improvement over 13's system. I haven't even been giving 13-3 much attention at all since it was revealed, but from what I recall it was an overall improvment over 13-2's system, but you only have one party member and I think there was another negative aspect to it as well). FFXV seems to fix the everything else part. Only thing you can argue about FFXV not being a traditional FF is the battle system which I'm okay with.

Turn-based battle system is outdated in my opinion. Everything needs to happen in real time. That is how it is now. Even pre-rendered cut-scenes are going away in favor of real time ones. FFXV looks to be best FF game since FFX and if it doesn't end up being that great at least it will be the best decent one since 12.

LAWSON721619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Oh Foxtrot I love how you come in these FF13 discussions like you played the game. As I said before you have not experienced the whole game so why talk about it.

Reviewers, not FF fans that think they know all about the game since they played it for 20hrs like you, had nothing but good things to say about the battle system.

Do I need to cover more reviews. Most of them emphasis yes it is extremely easy and tedious at first but once the challenges start it is great, which FF13-2 greatly improved upon

-Foxtrot1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )


"The game does take strategy. Especially in some of the later fights."

The later boss fights just take more luck to win, I've seen a lot of Youtube videos of people doing it. It can be done, you've just got to be lucky.

Fact is it shouldn't be limiting you what's so ever. Turn based was about strategy while the new battle systems aren't like that anymore...and it's sad since turn based still works thanks to games like Lost Odyssey proving that.


"Oh Foxtrot I love how you come in these FF13 discussions like you played the game. As I said before you have not experienced the whole game so why talk about it."

FFS...I HAVE played the game, you just keep ignoring that because you say it to try and dumb down my posts, that's what you FF13 lovers do. You say the "YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED IT" line to try and counter attack peoples points. Stop being so bitter man, FF13 was a terrible FF games and the cons outweigh the pros.

Really and those reviewers also at the time said it was a good game but later on in "Overhyped games lists" for example said FF13 was one of them like GTA4. It was a new FF game, hype was there, the first FF next gen game.

"Oh Foxtrot I love how you come in these FF13 discussions"

I like how you come into these discussions and call anyone who speaks badly of the game because you can't handle it.

You can't have only one sided comments you know, comment sites don't work like that mate.

LAWSON721619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Here is an earlier post of yours

"I got half way through it and called it a day, it was so bad, especially for a FF game."

Therefore you have not played the whole game so stop talking about it like you have when you play the whole game with 40+ hrs than you can be the judge of how well the battle system is.
If I played FFX for only the first 10 hrs and then called it a day I would not be a very big fan of it either or say I played Destiny Islands in KH and than said it had a terrible battle system, JRPGs take time to get depth and challenge yet you judge this one so quickly because the beginning was easy. As I said before that would me playing Dark Souls for a couple hrs and then coming to the conclusion this is terrible with nothing going for it.

Your cons you have for the game far out way the pros because all you did was play half the game which is not even close to as good as the other half. Sure when you play the game all the way through trash talk it all you want because you have experienced everything it has to offer

1619d ago
Godmars2901619d ago

"the problem it is the story which has gotten quite worse with FF13-2 and now apparently FF13-3."

Try FFX-2.

Though I think the last time they used actual writers, as apposed to scenario scriptwriters, was FF8.

Anarki1619d ago

It's Square-Enix. They're terrible for porting games to western countries. Ever since I can remember, I've had to wait months after America even to get games and America waits months to get it from Japan. It's not as bad now but damn, I remember waiting months for KH2.

Kalebninja1619d ago

WWWWWAT 13-2 was much better than 13 and the story was good imo and lightning returns story isn't bad at all its just that so many of the reviewers are morons and cant put two and two together watch igns review and then play the of the problems the dude had was stupid and was actually explained in the game.. like I said its the stupid reviewers giving it a bad name its just fine

GamingNerd0131618d ago

I agree and spot on. Same as me the main problem was not the combat but the story and characters as I absolutely hate everything about the 13 series except the combat. annoying and lame characters check boring and confusing story check. Anyway I'm just glad piece of crab 13 series is done and forget it ever existed and focus on making FFXV as that is what a true FF game should be like.

Larry L1618d ago

Now I'm not clicking any disagrees here because I just don't bother, but I gotta say, I pretty much disagree with all of you guys. I believe that the reason FF13 was not a success with fans like older FFs is 100% down to the battle system.

There is a classic FF or 2 with worse stories than 13. What happened to FF13 is the same thing that happened to Madden and wrestling games. They got too complicated. They all became too hard to play for casual gamer.

The beauty of FF1-10, and the main reason they were such massive successes is because while they contained massive depth for the core RPG gamer that wanted it, the truth is that anyone, someone who's not even a gamer at long as they can read, and perhaps understand how "rock/paper/scissors" ; works, can pick up any of those games, play them beginning to end, and have an incredible gaming experience whether the story was actually good. They give a huge sense of accomplishment when you finally figure out how to beat that final boss no matter what kind of gamer you are; casual or hardcore.

One of you guys above basically said "FF13's battle system was great. It was action packed and intense.". Exactly. That's the problem. The intensity in FF1-10 comes from the stress of random encounters and epic bosses that you don't know if you're party is going to be able to survive. Their intensity did NOT come from rediculously complicated battle systems that just stress you out and encourage you to not play the game.

IMO if FF13 had a classic FF batlle system, it would have been considered a great game. The only part of FF13 I enjoyed was the beginning where Hope and Vanille had basic attacks and it played pretty much like FF. It soon there-after became a completely different game series as far as I'm concerned. It's the first FF I ever left incomplete and it was all because of the battle system and the MIND BLOWINGLY comlicated weapon crafting.

The best things are the most simple most of the time. And the best FF shouldn't need much more to play that a direction input and two buttons, one for select and one for back. Obviously that's hyperbole on my part.......a few more buttons is fine. They help streamline menu navigation. But they really shouldn't need much more than those two buttons beginning to end. I don't go looking for intense gameplay in my menu navigation.

On the topic of the article-
The sequels to 13 imo were not planned when 13 was being made. They were knee-jerk reactions to the negativity 13 recieved. They should have just let FF13 stand on it's own as it was, critics be damned. My point is that I don't care what S-E says in this interview. We all know how long great games take to craft from scratch. Informed gamers know that games like that often take far longer than 3-4 years. 5-6 is not unheard of at all. But regardless of what they're saying.........if all the man/hours that went into the knee-jerk, pointless and un-needed sequels to 13, instead got pumped directly into Versus 13 as soon as they wrapped 13, I guarantee Vs13 would have released on PS3 2+ years ago instead of STILL not even being on the radar of PS4 8 years after being announced.

I mean can you BELIEVE a PR talking head from S-E has the gaul to just yesterday say about 15 (Vs13) "It's well into development."?........... ...... Well no shit? don't say? Hey, Square-Enix, just keep your friggin' mouth shut about 15 (Vs13) until you have actual PS4 footage. And then keep it shut until you have a release date. Thank you.

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SageShinigami1619d ago

Not at all. There are FAR bigger problems than a new battle system. I'm fine with this action RPG style they're going for, I just hate how long it's taking.

3-4-51619d ago

Did they just admit that ALL FF games from now on will be in a series because it allows them to not have to spend 4 years per game.

* Basically we get FF15 & the game after that about 1-2 years later will be FF15-2

Last_Boss1619d ago

The problem is all the talent that began to leave mid production, of a grand scaled interconective quadrilogy. That us the only, they talked about all these games way too early. Because if these problems, scenarios and characters were skipped or cut.

Luke_fon_Fabre1610d ago

I want them to keep making turn-based main entries, but the main appeal of the games is not that they're turn-based, and if you really think it's the main appeal of the series, you're playing for the wrong reasons.

kalkano1610d ago

Who are you to say why I should play?

Luke_fon_Fabre1610d ago

@kalkano I think it's absolutely stupid how mad you are about this next one being an action-RPG, and I also think it's absolutely stupid how you think the most important thing about Final Fantasy is it's battle gameplay. It is not the most important thing about the series.

kalkano1610d ago

I disagree. I'm mad because EVERY turn-based series is either changing into an action-RPG series, or is going to handheld/mobile.

I'm all about turn-based. Nothing is going to make me get on board with this "every game must be real-time" crap. What else is there to say?

Luke_fon_Fabre1610d ago

@kalkano The only traditionally turn-based series I see trying action is Final Fantasy, and it doesn't need to, but it's not a problem either. The gameplay seems pretty fun from the trailers. The plot seems intriguing as well.

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Scatpants1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

It takes Square quite a while to find new and exciting ways to make a game suck. With Final Fantasy 13 it was super linear levels and a battle system that plays for you. With 15 it looks like it will be scrapping the battle system all together in exchange for some kind of action RPG hack n slash garbage.

kingdom181618d ago

Its combat system looks similar to that of Kingdom Hearts, and its being directed by its creator so it would make sense. But that aside when we've seen only a little gameplay for a game that's been in development for 8 years how can you call it garbage yet? Granted, I would like it for their next game to be a turned based. I mean what happened to good old turn based games like FFX or DQVIII. The newest turn based game I can remember was Lost Odyssey for the 360, it was tough, but it was a great game. Okay we've had some very niche turned based on the PS3, but they weren't what I had in mind. It seems every one would prefer to make a turn based RPG on handhelds now a days. Let's see how Persona 5 does on the consoles, I'd imagine it would do wonderfully. I remember a magazine in Japan did a surgery on what people would like the next Dragon Quest to be on, and the majority voted PS4, oh! I get just excited thinking about! Can you imagine who good a DQ game would look and be on a PS4?

kalkano1618d ago

I CAN imagine. It'll be an action-RPG. I don't WANT it to be, but it WILL be.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1619d ago

Yea exactly so expect FFXV-2 possibly a FFXV-3 for the PS4/X1 cycle. Cranked out every couple years. I dont mind as long as the games are good.

kingdom181618d ago

I agree if they are good. Although, what happened to making one very long great game, and then going to the next number in the sequence? I mean FFX, FFXII, FFIX, ect. ect.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1618d ago

Like they said in the article gotta make new characters, new world, new story. I guess it's just rlly time consuming now. It would be easier to just take what they have established and build upon it. Thats how they cranked out the XIII series every 2 years.

It took em this long to crank out FFXV which was just a spin off at first. FFXVI god knows when we will see that.

colonel1791619d ago

From the comments of videogamer:

"The last new numbered KH game was 2005. No company should take ten years to make a sequel."

I think that neither should take 1 year. It's nice when a sequel take between 2-5 years, because it gives a chance to enjoy it, want more, ask for more and then get it. It also gives developers a chance to make a really polished game and to think about the game for a while. (Obvioulsy not counting development hells like Duke Nukem and FFXV).

Outside_ofthe_Box1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

KH3 has started development recently. It's not like they started making KH3 back in 06. The KH team has been working on FFXV for the last 8 years. That's the reason why we haven't seen KH on consoles yet. If SE had stopped making FF13 sequels and instead put focus on getting FF15 out we would have had KH3 a long time ago.

I agree that 2-5 years is the best amount of wait time between sequels.

Nate-Dog1618d ago

Plus they seem to forget the release of Kingdom Hearts games like Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance, as if they never existed.

Eonjay1619d ago

Is it unreasonable to expect Final Fantasy 15 to take 15 years to create?

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