Higher Resolution On Xbox One Possible But With Cutbacks,New SDK May Improve Titanfall's Resolution

"One look at the image above and you will understand what I am talking about. The details in the background are not really next-gen. The crowds, the trees and the track look bland and blurry."

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AceBlazer131559d ago

LolBox One.Guess a 360 or PC would be the best version of titanfall to get. 360 for the larger potential userbase and pc for the definitive version.

whitefang19881559d ago

Ha Gonna go make popcorn for this.

afterMoth1559d ago

Pacman is confirmed to be 1080p 60fps on the Xbox One. The cloud has unleashed ultimate power.

TheGreatAndPowerful1559d ago

So it looks like Gaf/CBOAT were right all along.

"It wont. Just look how Forza achieved 1080p60. Same will continue to happen with other Xbone games, assets will have to be downsized.

No amount of SDK tweaking will speed up weaker Xbone GPU or enable developers to use more than 32MB of fast framebuffer."

Oner1559d ago

@ VforVideogames ~ SDK = Software Developement Kit

BallsEye1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

If Ryse which has larger levels, WAY more stuff going on, tons of real time simulation, higher resulution and amazing aliasing can look like this:


Then it is clearly an old engine problem and crap dev tools, which will have an update soon. You guys forget about one of best looking games out there, running on same console you call last gen. Typical around here, just point out negatives, forget about the good stuff.

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Why o why1559d ago

Sadly, forza was the proof of this. Doesn't mean the x1 wont deliver great unique experiences. There will be improvements but you can only do so much

pyramidshead1559d ago

Definitely. Forza took a pretty big hit compared to its E3 reveal.

truefan11559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

You say that as a slight, but I say thanks for your support. Every game Ttianfall sells the better, Xb1 gamers will be the ones reaping the benefits of your purchase, as in terms of gaming the XB1 is MSFT's priority. Also the more it sells the more inclined MSFT will be to keep it exclusive. In the world of finance guaranteed money trumps potential money everytime. Go ahead rile up all the ps4 troops and tell them to get it for 360, doesn't bother me at all. If I wasn't on this site I wouldn't be able to tell all the differences of resolution and fps anyway. All in all Standby for Titanfall.

KimoNoir1559d ago

So why care about upgrading to a bone if you can play on 360? I mean you wouldn't have noticed the difference if it weren't for this site.

malokevi1559d ago

Because Titanfall isn't the only game coming to XB1? I don't know about you, but I bought my console because I knew it would have all the games/features that I wanted. Titanfall included.

BlackTar1871559d ago

Except True fan once Titanfall 2 comes out on all platforms granted it does good on Xbox the Potential customers are more of a lock. Then include DLC etc and Microsoft can't pay EA enough.

Do you understand how much Potential customers you're talking about by the time TF2 comes out? Could be 20 million or more.

Your logic only make sense on a new Ip if TF does good and TF2 comes out the franchise will be established and not operating on a complete unknown of potential

christocolus1559d ago

im just glad ms has been able to deliver better sdks in time,

Ongoing development of 1st and 3rd party games i.e sunset overdrive, halo5, quantumbreak, crackdown3, mgs5, tombraider next,gears of war etc will continue on the new dev kits and this means studios will be able to get the best out of the box definitly getting titanfall on xbx one ,too used to the xbx controllers now and besides the game looks like mad fun,will definitly be getting it day one.


couldnt agree more.

killaarmy1559d ago

Haters will hate,u ever notice how the bs fanboys always have a negative sarcastic comment on a xb1 thread?????? so much time on they hands i guess resogun campaign isnt long enough smdh, when they hate just say HALO GOW L4D sales crushed every exclusive on ps in the last 8 yrs easily and titanfall will do the same facts XBOX 1

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Charybdis1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Guess so either way seems like a nice game to buy. Think most sales will be on 360 followed by xb1 and pc

angelsx1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

I love xbox360 but Xb1 is a joke

Owen3051559d ago

Too bad it has 200k preorders on xboxone and less than 50k preorders on PC and 360

Bearsfanfourlife1559d ago

Yeah except a different developer made the 360 so it may not be the same

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OrangePowerz1559d ago

Static trees that don't move aren't even current gen.

Bearsfanfourlife1559d ago

I'm trying to shoot to kill I'm not trying to admire the trees

H0RSE1558d ago

Aww man, you got us... all the reasons people got an X1, from exclusives, to playing with friends, to the new kinect, to the new features it offers and all those who are happy with their purchase, you just voided all of them with the dreaded "static trees" argument...

I remember playing Forza and thinking how nice I thought the game looked, especially the cars, but know that I think of it ::the term "static trees" whispers through my head:: nah, that game is garbage. Those static trees really makes those cars look like ass...

I was just playing BF4 last night, and I thought I was having a good time, but know that I think of it ::static trees:: nah, I wasn't having fun at all...

Oh, and you don't have to say "static trees that don't move." Of course they don't move - that's why they're static...

Xsilver1559d ago if this is the best they can achieve with the Xone without cutbacks then i recommend they leave it alone.

Testfire1559d ago

Well the Respawn crew are underachievers. They've never been known for their coding and technical abilities. COD4 was their only great game and even that was riddled with bugs. They were always lazy with the PS3 version of COD and never really tried to fix COD4 hacks and glitches that are still there.
They got lucky with the COD formula and are still using the same exact one with another ancient engine. This had nothing to do with the XOne's abilities, but rather Respawn's lack of.

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KillrateOmega1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )


If you're going to bother to reply to him and tell him that he's wrong, then instead throwing out a rather useless comment, actually detail how exactly he is wrong.

Simply calling him stupid and ignorant doesn't exactly cast you in a superior light.

BlackTar1871559d ago

lol Killrate knows what he's talking about.

You can't say that to someone and not expand on your line of thought. Do you know how discussion works?

lonelyplayer1559d ago

looks pretty cool actually


Comon man, BF4 looks better than that on Xbox One lol

medman1559d ago

I'm shocked by how bland this game looks. That doesn't mean it won't be fun to play, but it really doesn't look like much of a leap from what many 360 games look like. Those who don't acknowledge this are apologists and desperate for something to play, I guess. I compare screenshots of this to Infamous, and Infamous is so much better looking yet it's a huge open world game. How does that happen? I'm waiting to see what The Order:1886 gameplay looks life after the embargo lifts. I'm pretty sure it won't look like something that's capable on the ps3.

H0RSE1558d ago

Different engine. Different developers. Which helps to strengthen Testfire's argument.

If you want to look at if from the other side, look at Naughty Dog. They didn't develop those games looking so good because they had a kickass engine and butt loads of power to use - they did it because they are exceptional at using the tools they have at their disposal.

BallsEye1559d ago

You forget what was already achieved.


Please stop trolling. Titanfall runs in crap resolution on crap engine with crap effects but other game that has more stuff on screen looks like on the image above.

It's definately tools and engine problem. Stop trolling.

XabiDaChosenOne1559d ago

Thats a cutscene bro and the fact that the image is 1920x1080 is also propaganda since the game runs at 900p.

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DJustinUNCHAIND1559d ago

Again, the people most upset about this are the people who won't be playing it.

Allsystemgamer1559d ago

This is y I'm getting it for PC

Hicken1559d ago

It's more disappointed than upset.

Ironically, the people who SHOULD be upset are just bending over and taking it.

MightyNoX1559d ago

Don't judge them. Some people like the abuse.

maniacmayhem1559d ago

Should we also be upset about the inconsistent framerate of inFamous or how about Order:1886?

Seems like a lot of people are bending over respectively when their company of choice whips it out.

tiremfej1559d ago


my thoughts exactly. I don't see too many X1 owners complaining. I'll be happily playing it on March 11th to even care if its missing pixels. Why PS4 fans care is beyond me. Ignorance is bliss.

BlackTar1871559d ago

I don't know maybe becasue you xbox fans made all last generation a competition between sales figures and pixel counting. The xbox crowd single handly helped establish multiple comparison sites and kept them profitable.

H0RSE1558d ago

PS4 fans are the new PC elitists...

tiremfej1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

@Tart, Oh so Sony fans are getting Xbox fans back? Seriously? One of the most pathetic things I've heard in a long time. Wow.

T21559d ago

not exactly ... the bigger issue is how ms is to convince people who might buy two systems why they should buy an x1...
I'm still on the fence and titanfall isn't convincing me to drop 500 bucks for one game. Especially when I have a 360 already.

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Play2Win1559d ago

Sell the Bone and buy good GPU guys. Or a PS4. Seriously, 2014 and they are not able to push 1080p with the source code behind Titanfall. I mean, the renderer is DX9.

Farmassy1559d ago

should we buy a PS4 though, if we want to play titanfall?

Play2Win1559d ago

PS4 begins at 900p. Sorry

TFJWM1559d ago

You don't have to buy anything I'm sure you have a 360 or PC that can run it

mmj1559d ago

You could get a PC half the price of Xbox One that will run Titanfall at 1080P.

allastocata1559d ago

Please show me how to build a 250 dollar PC that can run Titanfall comparably. The vid card Xbox uses runs about 110 according to a news article just published on this site and a copy of windows costs about 80. So 60 dollars for HDD, ram, proc, tower, power supply? I have to start shopping where you shop.