Rust Must Be Censored For The Xbox One

Microsoft have taken a sudden interest in the current Steam exclusive sandbox game, Rust. This interest started shortly after the Xbox community practically began begging the Facepunch Studio to bring the game over to the Xbox One. Microsoft have taken action and have provided the developer with Xbox One developer kits and are welcoming the game to their [email protected] platform with open arms -- however, they have a few demands before the game will be accepted and this concerns censorship.

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xfear2diex1561d ago

i think that to get lower age rating o the younger audience can be allowed to play the game

come_bom1561d ago

I guess Microsoft would censor this ROBOCOP Parody

SolidStoner1561d ago

that was some crazy a** robocop right there!!!

rayzorn1561d ago

wow that made me cringe. lol. i couldnt even watch it all.

SlapHappyJesus1561d ago

Even if they were to censor the nudity of the game, I believe everything else that makes up the game would still warrant on a 'Mature' rating.

MaxwellBuddha1560d ago

I would've been completely happy having lived the rest of my life without seeing that...

yazter1561d ago

There'd be no protestation regarding God of War's display of cleavage (Sony exclusive game, I know)

But show a man's goods once and bam, all closet cases go on a rampage.

Brucis1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

One is a primary sexual characteristic, the other is a secondary sexual characteristic. That's why.

Edit: Outlast also has full frontal male nudity and didn't need to be censored with little/no controversy, so this is a problem with MS.

dcj05241561d ago Show
Hicken1561d ago

It's not "sexual" unless we make it that way. That's why people can run around nude beaches without ever man having an erection and every woman dripping wet... unless she just got out of the water.

And it's a "sex trait," meaning it pertains to gender, not to sexual acts(though both are most certainly involved). There's nothing sexual about me whipping it out to take a piss... for most people.

Besides, breasts are JUST as sexualized as the penis is, in the US, at least.

This is all about how much of a prude you are(you being in general, and not you specifically, though it DOES include Microsoft, in this case).

X1BestOne1561d ago

nice to see microsoft trying to get more games.

hopefully they get more pc games.

and free games :)

Docknoss1561d ago Show
SITH1560d ago

I agree. More choice is always better.

GentlemenRUs1561d ago

Typical... Always trying to Censor something aren't we?

Menech1561d ago

They are trying to censor a man's dong...

What exactly is your problem with that, do you like their dongs on full display?

ninjagoat1561d ago

Play the game with a lot off lads on Teamspeak and see where the hilarity is with a lot off naked people running a round a field with rocks before you comment please. Censorship ruins the fun for me tbh.

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