New Steam Tags Feature Being Used to Bully Devs and Games

Twinfinite writes, "Unfortunately some mean-spirited users have been using these tags to rip into game a bit more than they probably deserve. Take this example of some tags used for popular indie game, Fez, which harbors quite a bit of ire from fans for some of the actions of creator, Phil Fish..."

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jimjam34421558d ago

lol valve doesnt think things through sometimes.

SteamPowered1558d ago

Humanity will always find a way to ruin something. I think its a great idea. Just needs to be refined.

adorie1558d ago

Too many assholes in the world to have anything go good as a constant.

crusf1558d ago

This is why we can't have nice things

Polock1558d ago

One way to curtail false or misleading tags would be to only let people who own the game, tag the game.

rdgneoz31558d ago

Same thing could be said about Amazon reviews or such.

Polock1558d ago

Amazon do have verified purchase reviews however they are flawed as you only have to create an order to be verified, you don't have to complete it.

I don't think you could cheat the system the same way with Steam, or hopefully you couldn't.


WeAreLegion1558d ago

I was wondering about that. Media Molecule does a good job of regulating tags for LittleBigPlanet, but I can't imagine Valve trying to regulate the whole Steam community's tags. That would take a LOT more employees. I hope they get it figured out though.

I like @Polock's idea of only letting people who own the game tag it.