Rumor: Is SEGA Showing a New Shining Game at Nintendo Direct?

The speculation is buzzing about Nintendo Direct tonight, and now SEGA adds fuel to the fire.

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BlackWolf1558d ago

Do you know the feeling when something tingly travels from you spine to your neck and back again, and you can't help but smile? Yep, that's me right now.

Shinobi1001558d ago

I like your enthusiasm, but i disagreed since I don't care about Shinings unless they star Jack Nicholson

thegent1558d ago

I dont like your enthusiasm but i disagreed with you anyways.

BlackWolf1558d ago

Gee, thank you, you're so helpful, Really, that was absolutely necessary. /s

dedicatedtogamers1558d ago

*frothing at the mouth

Yes please, SEGA, but you better effin' confirm a Western release (SEGA has been terrible at localizing their games in the last few years).

Even better if they announce SEGA/Nintendo collaboration for the next Shining game...with Camelot at the helm!

*frothing intensifies

Chrischi19881558d ago

It would help, if we await it calmly and dont hype it up to much, so we get the best results, if it is something worth hyping up or if it is just not so great, it wont be as bad, as if it is a disappointment and all the hype before. I mean, we all know what happened last time Nintendo got hyped up for saying things before.

BlackWolf1558d ago

Yeah, I get you. It was just my automatic response when I read the artcle.

kalkano1558d ago

I just can't get excited when:

1) The Shining series is a fragile shell of what it was before Camelot left.

2) Even if it turned out to somehow be a good game, it wouldn't leave Japan.

solboogie1558d ago

Im cant wait to see if this is true! Its an emotional roller coaster waiting. I cant take any more disappointments. Please take advantage of the buzzz for once Ninty.

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REDBEARD1558d ago

I was just to about to say that, lol. Imagine the fanboy rage!

tinkypop1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Dint Nintendo say last month bout a game that make bay2 out cry look like a tea party!

link2Dpast1558d ago

the internet will crash . That would bring a seriuos up roar. But you never knew, i rember the days where final fantasy was on nintendo then, went to sony for some good time but when it jumped ship to microsoft i was in utter shock. so this will be like that

jhoward5851558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I definitely agree...if Sega announced Shenmue for the Wii U it would bring a serious up roar allover the internet.

RosweeSon1558d ago

Shenmue 3 and dreamcast games on the Virtual console, come on sega ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1558d ago

The internet would EXPLODE with pure unadulterated rage if Nintendo got Shenmue 3.XD
It would be Bayonetta 2 all over again.


Let me go get my popcorn and lawnchair, just in case...

link2Dpast1558d ago

Wow seems extremely far fetched but i would so hope so. Hopefully sega see's the similarites between them, one time enemies lol and now just team up. Would be a big slap at the competitors

MsmackyM1558d ago

Nintendo buys Sega. Called it.

deafdani1558d ago

Lol. Never in a million years.

Then again, I would've said exactly the same thing regarding Mario and Sonic appearing together in a game back in the 90s. XD

link2Dpast1558d ago

Dman not a bad move at all, they have some gems in thier library and no need to mention lol alot. They would able to combine thier franchises. A brand new mario rpg with sega charatcers , wow just wow. With setting of skies of arcadia wow just wow

izumo_lee1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

You do know that Sammy owns Sega right? In Japan Sammy is huge cause they make all those Pachinko games.

However since Sega is a bigger name internationally than Sammy, the company is using it at the forefront. So when Sega bought Atlus it was actually Sammy who are the real player.

So it is possible that Nintendo buys 'Sega' but highly unlikely cause of Sammy.

solboogie1558d ago

With all the backstabing 3rd partys and their smear campaigns against anything Nintendo a Tag team of former enemys would be sick!

Nintendo and Sega vs the world bitches! A revival of all Sega properties on the WiiU Panzer Dragon, Space Harrier, Alex Kidd...

I can dream right?

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