ZTGD | Surge Deluxe (Vita) Review

John Whitehouse writes: With each passing month, the PS Vita becomes more of a ‘must have’ handheld system. This is in no small part due to the support it is getting from indie developers. Sony has made it incredibly easy to make and publish games for it, meaning that the smaller devs have another outlet for their titles.

One such game is Surge Deluxe, a frantic puzzle game from FutureLab. The premise of the game is simple; connect two or more blocks of the same colour together in order to clear the blocks and the level. Now, I know that sounds simple and not very challenging, but the player is pushed to get this done as quickly as possible by the inclusion of two timing mechanisms. Firstly, there is the timer. With each passing level the time the player has to complete the level shortens.

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