LightBox Does Something Special for Fans Participating in Warhawk Day

Junkie Monkeys: Every now and then we hear about developers who are truly appreciative of fan support. Certain developers will even go the extra mile to give something back to the fans. LightBox Interactive recently did something great for fans in support of Warhawk Day.

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majiebeast1496d ago

Warhawk 2 1080P 60fps on PS4 get it going Yosp.

skeeter22751496d ago

I wouldn't bother. My sacrifices have gone unanswered.

Insomnia_841496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Seriously! Both Warhawk and Starhawk should make their way to PS4!! Great multiplayer games!

Edit: I liked it! It had a different setting and the mechanics for the game were perfect for it. The RTS elements in the game are cool. A new Warhawk would be awesome too!

majiebeast1496d ago

Starhawk was bad and should never be repeated the dev team didnt listen to any feedback we gave and it pissed me off.

jukins1496d ago

I had high hopes for starhawk but I think the technical limitations of the ps3 held it back. Then there was the total lack of teamwork which in a game where you have limited resources to build equipment meant that you could easily be overwhelmed because one player decided to build a ton of stuff just for their personal use.

Now as for warhawk they need to either remake it on ps4 or make a true sequel with the same gameplay as the original (ps3 version) I'd kill for that. Warhawk and ps+ were the only reasons I even considered not trading in my ps for ps4. Let's hope we get it eventually.

PR_FROM_OHIO1496d ago

I will faint if that happens lol!!!

Godmars2901496d ago

Thing is that the Warhawk you want is likely different from the one I want.

Namely a steampunk adventure with flying battleships and air-fortresses you have to board and 'sink' from the inside.

Monolith1496d ago

That's not what I want from Warhawk but I'd still play that and it would probably be awesome regardless! Starhawk was awesome just wasn't Warhawk awesome!

Godmars2901496d ago

It was what the very first Warhawk was. Though more a retro 50s sci-fi via the best FMV the 80s could deliver.

FamilyGuy1496d ago

I wonder when Sony will start releasing their big multiplayer only titles again. Warhawk and MAG were both really surprising releases last gen. I want to see them do more stuff like that.

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tanookisuit1496d ago

That's really nice of them to include international regions, too! I filled out my form, here's hoping I get one.

yellowgerbil1496d ago

I thought lightbox wasn't around anymore. Does that mean we may get a proper sequel instead of that disappointing Starhawk

Jury1496d ago

Remake warhawk - keep it mostly the same. New maps, prettier graphics and take out normal flight. Pro flight ftw :D

WeAreLegion1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Warhawk HD and Starhawk HD please!!!

Also, bring back motion controlled flight. Easily the best implementation of the sixaxis.

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