Rust May Be Coming To PS4 Earlier Than Xbox One

iGR: "Rust developer Facepunch Studios have confirmed that they'll be porting their wildly successful Steam Early Access title to Xbox One and PS4. The studio reckoned it'd be a while before we saw much of anything from them on consoles due to the fact that, to their knowledge, PlayStation and Xbox didn't have "early access" programs, as it were.

This sentiment was clarified by SCEA's Adam Boyes."

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SteamFirst1620d ago

Always remember... Steam had it first. Steam FTW

EBTpickle1620d ago

Well, Facepunch has said they are PC first, no matter what.

jimjam34421620d ago

i love the fact that all these great pc exclusives are coming to ps4, outlast was a game i never thought would come to consoles, nor rust. i would shit bricks if day-z got ported to ps4.

EBTpickle1620d ago

The people in developer relations at PlayStation are beasts. Shahid Ahmad and Adam Boyes are dedicated to getting devs on PlayStation platforms, and they're being given more leeway to do so.

GentlemenRUs1620d ago

Don't forget that Sony do NOT need to bribe people to get games on the PS4 :P

Unlike someone which will not be mentioned...

majiebeast1620d ago

Shahid better bring Broforce to Vita like he promised.

Ace Killa 081620d ago

EEEKKK time to run naked and hunt for animals when it comes out.

iNFAMOUZ11620d ago

Wtf fucken sony, bastards fuckkk

Chaoticmoon1620d ago

How are they bastards? If anything you should be calling microsoft "bastards fukkk" because its their policy that won't allow Rust to come to the Xbox One sooner rather than later. So thank you for your WONDEROUS comment, troll.

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The story is too old to be commented.