Flappy Bird and the Price of Fame

TechRaptor | Taking down a hugely successful, and highly profitable, video game seems like an odd decision. Download figures showed that Flappy Bird was the biggest hit of the year and stories about the game’s ad revenue confirmed that it was making its creator a lot of money. However, in spite of all this, Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen pulled the plug.

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ShowGun9011621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

"It’s the kind of game that people who take games seriously rebel against; casual fluff that they see as corroding their beloved industry"

alright, im of this opinion, and before you say im wrong, hear me out... my neice was playing flappy bird, and i'd never played it, so i tried it out, afterward asking "thats it?" i let her try a copy of chrono trigger i have on my phone, and she said it was "stupid" because she kept pressing buttons, and nothing happened for 5 seconds (during the games opening cinematic...)

Flappy bird (and its conceptual cousins) ARE CORRODING our beloved industry... at her age i was having life changing adventures in hyrule, yet kids these days (i heard it when i said it) only want to try a game if it only has one button, and extremely simple mechanics.

please, expose your young gamers to something more in-depth than flappy bird. even other mobile games like angry birds, cut the rope, PvZ or World of Goo are dozens of layers deeper than flappy bird. save your youngsters from flappy bird!

thats my rant! lol

ceballos77mx1621d ago

Well apparently theres no learning from the experience the creator had because of this game, theres an app on Amazon app store called flappy wings (not flappy bird), thats the exact name of it and seeing the images its a carbon copy of flappy bird.