Respawn Almost Cut Two of Titanfall's Three Titans

Clickonline writes, "In Titanfall’s early days there was one Titan and while two more were created, the game could easily have only featured one at launch according to Respawn Entertainment’s Lead Artist, Joel Emslie.According to Emslie, it was a huge challenge to get one Titan working really well in the game."

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micx1532d ago

Sure, just add it as a DLC. We love those, don't we?

aviator1891532d ago

They were almost cut due to challenges in balancing.

FamilyGuy1532d ago

If they had never mentioned it know one would said anything about it only having one so really it's nice that they did it at all.
It's even nicer that they aren't DLC, but you should expect some DLC down the line that might be a new Titan.

N81532d ago

I'm pretty sure thats what's still going to happen. People are in denial

malokevi1532d ago

In denial? I'd be happy for DLC. Who cares? The thing about DLC: it's optional.

I rarely opt in to DLC, but if the offer seems worth it I'll buy.

VENOMACR12271532d ago

Almost every game has DLC. You don't think every company holds a little back so they can sell it as DLC later? Come on man...

serratos271532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I'm sorry but I'm getting the impression that they're being just a tad bit lazy. No SP, what was it 5-6 (?) people per team in a match, and they considered launching the game with a single titan? LOL. This game had good hype, owning a PS4 I was going to opt out and just purchase the PC version, but I don't have high expectations for this game anymore. -_-
The DLC would have have ticked people off more with all the waiting lol.

UbiquitousClam1532d ago

They were skeptical about adding more Titans because of BALANCE. Why don't people understand this? there don't want to just add stuff for the sake of making it sound better on paper with large numbers, look at COD every year they add more guns, more attachments, more kill streaks and more perks. Doe the game get better every year? No. The same thing goes for the player count.

More does not equal better.

thehitman1532d ago

Funny thing is CoD4 was the best CoD last gen because it had the greatest balance I think. They didnt have all those kills streaks and perks imbalancing the game and making it stupid. Felt much more skill based and less arcadey. More definetely doesnt equal better. I have a PS4 so I have no plans on getting titan fall.

Only if I got accepted to the PC beta and thought it was worth a purchase I would buy it. I dont really believe in only multiplayer games since I think singleplayer is where I have the most fun or co-op based story I can play with family friends on same system.

VENOMACR12271532d ago

The X1 was released in November. Idk how much time developers actually had with the system. I'm no programmer but designing, testing, implementation, and programming for a brand new system in a tight window cant be easy or quick (I would assume). Look at Forza, it was a bit rushed, lack of cars and tracks. I'm sure MS was breathing down their neck saying "we gotta get this game out like yesterday." I think 3 titan's are plenty, enough variety. Plus there are like 12+ maps (I wanna say 16?). I'd be more concerned if there were only like 8 maps or something.

SmielmaN1532d ago

If you don't think that this game has been in development for at least a couple years then you have no idea about the games industry.

They don't start making a game when they announce it to the public you know? Right?

jimjam34421532d ago

as far as ive seen titanfall is call of duty with mechs, once people realize that, the game will fail. i mean call of duty is on the decline, sooo respawn's idea is to make a cod clone?

4logpc1532d ago

Thats weird. I must of missed the Call of Duty that had Titans, double jumping, and wall running.

jimjam34421532d ago

"as far as ive seen titanfall is call of duty with mechs"

was this not clear enough?

4logpc1532d ago

We must be looking at different games then.

"Thats weird. I must of missed the Call of Duty that had Titans, double jumping, and wall running."

Was that not clear enough?

jimjam34421532d ago

hey, you started this streak of misunderstanding each other, not me lol. the game looks fine, i just worry that respawns talent was wasted trying to dethrone cod.

elm1532d ago

I thought they could have a least 4 with da power of da cloud?

stuna11532d ago

Maybe dropping how many titans are in a match at once could possible free up resources and help with resolution?

4logpc1532d ago

How would having one titan to choose from vs having 3 free up resources?

stuna11532d ago

I'm not saying have one titan vs 3! I'm saying not have too many titans on the levels at once! All together there are 12 human players on a level, with the possibility of having 12 titans on the same level also. What I'm saying is scale back have the possibility of having 12 titans on the level, too perhaps 10 or less to free up resources and perhaps enable a bump up in graphics.

But I get the disagrees! Moreso knee-jerk reactions, because some think I'm trying to p*ss on the personal savior.

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