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Andrew Wang writes - To this day, I've always been scared of horror movies and horror games, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. Outlast brings back haunting memories of when I played Amnesia. Or shall I say, rewrites them. Outlast brings a fresh new pace to the horror genre. Its exciting, breathtaking, and yes, its scary. So hide your wife and your children. We will venture onto this journey together.

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MagneticDeath21530d ago

Great game, a little disapointed by the ending though. Cannot wait for the whistleblower dlc.

jimjam34421530d ago

outlast was jump-scary, amnesia was just scary as fuck always even when you were alone, it was like you never felt safe, ever. in outlast its only really scary when the people jump around corners, or when you were being chased, i have to say that amnesia was the more horrifying game. outlast's scares in a way pissed me off at the same time as scared me.