PS Nation: MLB 14 The Show Hands-On Report

Glenn got to play MLB 14 The Show, and Ramone Russell stepped-in front of the camera to talk new features and the release date. Also, the new PS3 trailer is included.

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Eonjay1589d ago

PS3 and Vita 4/1/14
PS4 in May,
Can port save file from PS3 to PS4. Cool.

WeAreLegion1589d ago

Now, we just need cross-buy confirmation. (Probably won't happen, but whatever...)

3-4-51589d ago

Cant' wait to play this on Vita

jspillen1588d ago

I couldn't believe how good last year's The Show was on Vita.

Hicken1588d ago

I skipped last year's but I'll probably get this year's.