Nintendo Direct Currently Trending on Twitter

Don't look now but Nintendo Direct is currently trending on twitter worldwide. Nintendo's first presentation of the year has the gaming world watching and it appears as though everyone is talking about the upcoming show.

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Chrischi19881470d ago

This can be good or start another shitstorm against Nintendo. Fans can act two ways. They can calmly await the Direct or they can hype it up. If it is a success, the hype is ok, if not, the hype will start another shitstorm against nintendo. If you are calmly awaiting it, if it is a success, we will all be blown away and happy, if it is not, then we at least didnt expect tooo much.

Calmly is the better way to go... all the hype will probably hurt, at least, if Nintendo has nothing reall really special up their sleeve and who believes that?

I expect Nintendo to save its surprises for E3 this year and not for a Nintendo Direct...

Sly-Lupin1470d ago

I've been hearing people use that "next year at E3/TGS" to justify disappointing offerings from major developers like Nintendo and Sony every year.

Do you really believe it? The only big announcements Nintendo makes any more these days are ones that just make us all scratch our heads and wonder what the hell they're thinking.

Chrischi19881469d ago

E3 will probably show the new Zelda and I thought last nights direct was ok.

brewin1470d ago

Don't poke the beast! People have been shitting on Nintendo for a long time now. But without Nintendo gaming would be nothing but a bunch fo second rate fps, dude bro, zombie, and crappy phone games. Gaming needs variety and the industry would die out in a very short time without them. 2014 will be a huge year for Nintendo,the 3ds and Wii u. Don't look now haters, it may be time to start cooking up that crow.

AsimLeonheart1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

You do remember what happened last time when you guys got your hopes up for something major like a Zelda U reveal? Cranky Kong! At least let them air the show before gloating and calling out "haterz". It will save you a lot of potential embarrassment and damage control later.

Dahui1470d ago

To be fair, that was at VGX.

lekain1470d ago

Yes it was at VGX. There was a lot of hype and Reggie teased with his Metroid pin. What a let down! Nintendo needs at least one big announcement in my opinion (not Hyrule Warriors or Sonic Boom)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1470d ago

Except who always announces Zelda games
Miyamoto or Eiji. They are the one who decides when to show or not show. Miyamoto pulled Zelda from last year E3. Eiji pulled Zelda Wii U from NY Comic Con because it was for A Link Between Worlds. VGX wasn't on their radar.

Reggie teased it. Reggie is in charge of the western studios such as Retro which why it was shown.

brewin1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Have you played DK with Cranky Kong? How is it? The VGX was horrid and the Cranky Kong reveal was the best part of it, lol! Cranky Kong is awesome! And at least DK is something I can play with and around my kids. So many people are brainwahsed into thinking that you have to shoot stuff or be in some sort of competitoin for the game to be fun. Nintendo is the only company providing that old school fun and challenge that real gamers crave. Go enjoy your 9th iteration of CoD in the last 5 years and shut up about Nintendo.

And for the record, I didnt call out "Haterz", I dont use that new age slang crap that yall wittle ones be using. I am a grown ass man and know how to spell. Funny that people diss on Nintendo being kiddie, but most of them couldnt beat any of the games Nintendo puts out because theyre too challenging. Funny, no?

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AsimLeonheart1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

The Direct is over. Told you to let them air the show before you gloat. Who is eating crow now?

brewin1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

How was I gloating as you say? I thought what they showed was pretty awesome! MK8 looks AMAZING, as does Bayo 2, X, and NES Remix 2. They could have had sega hold off on the Sonic Boom announcement and put that in here, but it was still a good presentation. If you didnt like what you saw you have no soul and should quit gaming. The 3ds stuff looked great too. Super Yoshi looks fun as hell!

AsimLeonheart1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

It was not just me man. Most of the people did not like what they saw. Check the reactions on the web especially for Monolithsoft's X including Neogaf, gamefaqs and twitter. It was all 3DS and eshop games and nothing about Wii U. Bayo 2, MK8 and DKTF are all games we have already seen and heard about. The only new thing was a boring and monotonous gameplay video of X where 3 people continue to shoot a gorilla for 5 minutes while it just stands there. There was no big reveal like you guys were predicting and still no release dates for most of the games. Finally, where is that mythical SMTxFE that Nintendo fans often like to bring up in their list of Wii U games? You people praise even the most horrid of presentations and shows to save face.
Finally, what has gaming got to do with "soul". Do baby Mario, Kirby and other kiddy games possess soul? Arent you being little dramatic and sentimental man? It is just gaming and entertainment for God's sake! Take off the nostalgia goggles and toughen up dude.

jonboi241470d ago

There's a lot of hype for this, hopefully it lives up to it. They have a lot of hard work to regain consumer interest. Just please no bs casual stuff. Just remember who actually watch this things and cater to them.

FinalomegaS1470d ago

sometimes i feel like they aren't paying attention to what the gaming community is saying online.

brewin1470d ago

I am kind of glad they dont. There is a bunch of whiny, jaded people all over the internet that feel the world owes them something. The internet is the most narcississtic, bizzare place on the earth these days! I cant even get in a game of NHL online with the volume turned up without hearing someone call another some kind of horrible word that they would never say to someones face. If Nintendo listened to what fanboys from other companies and analysts said there wou;ld be no differentiation in the game market and it would suck. The games industry needs nintendo to be different.

FinalomegaS1470d ago

something big is cooking at the Kyoto home base.

AsimLeonheart1470d ago

The direct is over. Turns out it was nothing like always.

FinalomegaS1470d ago

i was at work, just got home... really? jeez

RosweeSon1470d ago

Couldn't agree with the chap above more apart from cooking crows, but yeah nintendo invented gaming as we know it today so without them we'd be screwed not to mention if we don't have any competition they can charge what they want for piss poor service's competition is great specially when they start trying to undercut each other... Happy days ;)

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