MLB ’14: The Show Might Be PS4’s Best-Looking Game | IGN

With its graphical splendor lighting up your retinas, it’d be easy to miss all the refinements being packed into this year’s version of MLB ’14: The Show on PS4. But it would be a shame if you did, because the small handful of new features we’ve seen so far look really promising, especially if you’re a big baseball fan with a small window of free time to swing lumber with.

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Eyeco1764d ago

The Show has always been a solid series, Sony should do more to push this game, to my knowledge it's the only MLB game in the industry that's a huge advantage, how popular is baseball in US in comparison to NFL /NBA ?

GhostTurtle1764d ago

IMO they are all equally popular. I would say the NFL has a larger fan base. Followed by MLB.

osu22duke1764d ago

FIFA also has a huge fanbase in America and every year it seems that more and more people play it. I don't know the numbers but I would definitely says it rivals nfl and nba games

Eyeco1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Well there you go, if MLB is as popular as you say, you would think a game with the right marketing and promotion could be a major seller, especially if it's bundled with the system with each yearly instalment, judging by the way Madden and FIFA sells.

The Show isn't some random cheap, welfare/food stamp sports game, for years now it's the most critically acclaimed Baseball game, and one of the best received sports games period. The tragedy is not many people are aware of it, Sony seriously needs to push this franchise, it's potentially a highly valuable game asset in drawing in casuals/ baseball fan's alike, MLB 2K is a dead franchise now so The Show has a huge opportunity.

yezz1764d ago


I think we are talking about the real leagues here and not the video games..

FIFA still has a quite long way to rival NFL and NBA in US but you're right that the fanbase is growing.

GuyThatPlaysGames1764d ago

I'm not normally into baseball games, but this year's edition has grabbed my attention for sure.

jacksjus1764d ago

Funny that you asked. ESPN just released a report on America's top sports and the MLB was 2nd to the NFL. With that being said this may be a system seller for the PS4.

FamilyGuy1764d ago

There a definitely some fans of The Show waiting for the PS4 version to drop before picking up the system. They showed the differences a few months back but it's still cool to read stuff like this about the PS4 version:

"Each crowd member has a higher poly count than the actual players in the PS3 version"

bryam19821764d ago

is not a game that is graphically demanding let us not fall in the same xbone ideas that a game not demanding looks good in 1080p/60fps *cough forza 5 cough*

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DEEBO1764d ago

day 1 for me.
Man i remember when i use to pitch as a kid fastball from hell but no control.
my 1st game i hit two of the smallest batters with the ball man that dugout was about to rush the mound.
lol baseball hate watching it but love to play it.

PR_FROM_OHIO1764d ago

WOW that looks amazing!!!!! DAY 1 for me

LightofDarkness1764d ago

Damn, that all looks so weird. Its like CGI from a PSOne/mid 90s PC game. Except for the hairs, those look a step above, but I suppose it's just the lighting and the way they hold their faces. That's not a slight at all, its actually quite impressive really.

Hicken1764d ago

Um... no. It looks better that the cutscenes from FFVIII, which are some of the most impressive in the PS1 era.

FAR better.

That's one of the most absurd comparisons I've ever heard of. And you say it's supposed to be a compliment?

Brugal1764d ago

The PS4 version is releasing in May.

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