Will Respawn make Titanfall 2? "I don't even want to jinx it, man"

"We'll see where the future leads us." [OXM]

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Septic1591d ago

Unless Titanfall somehow shocks the world and completely bombs or the world destroys itself ala Fallout, Titanfall 2 is a definite and it will be out on PS4. Then it'll be interesting to see the naysayers lapping it up.

WolfLeBlack1591d ago

I agree that Titanfall seems very likely, but whether or not it'll be on PS4 is harder to judge. Obviously it'd allow Respawn to target a much larger market, but I'm also willing to bet that Microsoft will make some big offers to keep it exclusive.

dirigiblebill1591d ago

It's Mass Effect all over again, basically.

I'd like to see some more adventurous kinds of Titan. Dog Titans, for instance. Attack Dog Titans. Oh dear, I think I can see where this is going...

truefan11591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

@Septic you sound so convinced, let me ask you a few questions 1. If you are a developer and a certain fanbase is hoping for your downfall, doing all they can to run down your first major project how would you feel? 2. Would you rather be paid lets say $250 million now (MSFT exclusive money and xbox sales), or potentially make $300 million (total sales only) later. Also EA is publishing the first title meaning they have to pay EA, but if they take MSFT's exclusive deal their slice of the pie gets larger, as MSFT would be the publisher. Respawn is always on twitter and probably look at some gaming sites, I'm sure they have seen the backlash from a certain fanbase. I wouldn't say its an absolute that it goes to ps4. Say what you want about MSFt, but they market their product, hell look at what they have already done with Titanfall. I would say Titanfall going multiplat is more in the range of 50-50, especially considering Respawn went from working in a busted down building to getting a fat check from MSFT. We shall see, but I'll be enjoying Titanfall 1 until that day comes.

DJustinUNCHAIND1591d ago

I wouldn't say "definite" when it comes to PS4.

Microsoft is doing system updates and special preparations just for this game.

Things that cost money.

Money that Microsoft has.

What's to stop them from giving Respawn a blank check?

Riderz13371591d ago

I'm a PlayStation fan but I think TitanFall looks like hella fun. Will I be a naysayer when I say it's awesome when it comes to the PS4?

Septic1591d ago

You're not one now, why would you be a naysayer then?

Riderz13371591d ago

@Septic - Because it seems like you're grouping all PS4 fans together, saying they're all naysayers. Not good to generalize a fanbase =)

Septic1590d ago

How did I group all PS4 gamers up?

maniacmayhem1591d ago

If the game is as big as it appears then I agree Titanfall 2 is a 100% definite.

But part 2 coming to Ps4...that's up in the air. Even though there has been a lot of articles confirming that the sequel is fair game I think it depends on sales of this and how many actual X1 it moves.

If this game actually moves a good number of X1's then you can bet that MS will get the blank check out and hand it to EA to keep the game an exclusive.

Hicken1590d ago

It's gonna have to move a helluva lot of XB1s. Already, EA is likely not liking the sales numbers, and wishing they hadn't made the first game exclusive. It'll have to be an absurd number for the second game to be exclusive, and that number would likely be so high as to prevent MS from actually generating any profit off the title's exclusivity. Or, at the least, not enough to justify having bought said exclusive status.

Cuz at the current rate, if Titanfall 2 drops(according to that "shooter rotation" of EA's) in about two years, we could be looking at a 10 million or more lead for the PS4. For EA to want to keep it on Xbox, they'd need a crazy high attach rate. Last time I paid attention, I think Destiny had higher preorders than Titanfall. Obviously, that doesn't mean everything, but it CAN be taken as something of an interest barometer.

I'm certain EA would prefer to double up on their sales by releasing the game on PlayStation consoles. And I'm sure Respawn will be paying more attention this time around, and not be caught unawares.

maniacmayhem1590d ago

"EA is likely not liking the sales numbers, and wishing they hadn't made the first game exclusive."

I doubt this, and I don't like this all of a sudden concern for 3rd part titles being exclusive. All of a sudden Titanfall is the only game that a third party company is supposedly regretting for putting on a console without the sales lead.

1. Why wasn't this same logic applied to MGS4 since 360 had a huge lead over the PS3 at the time.

2. The rumor is MS will drop the price of the X1, just as the PS3 did. And when that happened the PS3 started to gain and catch up to the 360 sales over good period of time.

3. People act like the X1 is a huge disappointment in terms of sales which it isn't. So how can EA be disappointed.

It's strange that everyone is laughing at EA for not putting this particular game on PS4. It just makes it all the more certain how popular and highly wanted this game truly is.

AceBlazer131591d ago

Nope this naysayer still wouldn't touch it with a stick. This game needs to be really, really, really, really good for it to survive. It's launching in March, the next CoD will be announced around that time, so it'll compete against CoD hype. Then you have the issue that apparently few people even knows it exists on 360, so Microsofts plan to push consoles may falter the game itself.

Whether this game succeeds or not, I doubt people really care. If it succeeds it only proves that people love the CoD formula and only bitch for the sake of bitching.

Pro Racer1591d ago

Already preordered Titanfall 3

HaveAsandwich1591d ago

i still think you'll see tf1 on the ps4, just way down the line. i'm thinking the same will happen for tf2. ms will lock it up in the beginning, then it will release later on ps4. who knows though. if the rumors of ms investors complaining about xbox losses are true, maybe the giant check writing for exclusivity will drop off. maybe not. it'll be interesting, for sure.

BLuTheSecond1590d ago

As long as TitanFall 2 comes out for PC as well then I dont give a rat's ass what peasant console it stumbles into next.

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GearSkiN1591d ago

What the heck game is not even out yet but the feed backs from people sure are not negative

jimjam34421591d ago

my hype for this game peaked at e3 and has been slowly decreasing since.

ShadowL91591d ago

Mine too, the game is not the revolution in MP FPS like people are saying, but more of an evolution of it. People die in three bullets, Titans are the new "kill streaks" but now you get one no matter what each game, etc.

The mobility and jet packs are definitely the most interesting thing to me, and more games need to incorporate that style of movement.

jimjam34421591d ago

dont get me wrong, the game looks fun, but honestly its basically call of duty: mech wars.

CrossingEden1591d ago

@jimjam, play the game first, apologize later, you've been saying "oh it's just cod with mechs" ALL DAY, we get it, you haven't played the game, don't know how it feels and you're basing your biased opinion on youtube videos, let it go.

jimjam34421590d ago

@CrossingEden your bubbles tell the whole story buddy.

ShadowL91591d ago

Whether they want to or not, you are going to see Titanfall 2, Titanfall 3, Titanfall 4: Postmodern Warfare, Titanfall Postmodern Warfare 2...etc.

EA is definitely betting on this becoming the next big cash cow and boy are they going to milk it.

DJustinUNCHAIND1591d ago

It will definitely spawn a sequel, no pun intended.

But after Titanfall 1, EA has no say over what happens with the franchise.

ShadowL91591d ago

They have already said they expect Titanfall to be a series around for a long time, they most certainly do have a say in that. You will see AT LEAST bi-annual releases if not annual releases in the coming years of this game if it sells well enough.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1591d ago

I'd rather them make a new IP after Titanfall. Titanfall looks good but it shouldn't be ruined with sequels. Just look at CoD: MW. The first game was really good but then it went downhill with each sequel.

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