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It’s fitting then, that in the era of stereoscopic 3D evolution, QUAKE II should be presented as one of the most forward-thinkīng FPS titles currently in the virtual reality space. An officially sanctioned mod that has made QUAKE II compatible with the Oculus Rift headset – and requiring minimal technical know-how – shows that creating 3D worlds is no longer just about throwing around polygons, it’s about creating a space with intrigue and suspense, and more importantly ensuring that the window dressing doesn’t get in the way.

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Iltapalanyymi1589d ago

Still the best quake.

Haha. Actually reminded me of this glorious video:

Th3o1588d ago

Man I miss this game like crazy! I use to use so many different models in Multiplayer...avp...sonic...sp iderman It was soo much fun...I actually liked it more than Quake 3 although I think quake 3 had better maps!

Edsword1588d ago

This was actually my first PC game. I had a Pentium II with 128MB RAM. I don't know like a 16MB graphics card. It had DVD ROM. It was actually pretty rockin for the day. PII had just come out.