Stompz: Motion-Control Movement Built for Oculus Rift

The future of virtual reality (VR) has never looked more exciting for videogames, but while there’s so much more opportunity than ever before there are also many hurdles to overcome. One such potential hazard is movement: when your view is so close a replication of a near-tangible world, do you really want your feet to be dictated by your fingers or thumb?

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Aghashie1342d ago


But still i wonder... In a giant open world like Elder Scroll, won't u get ur legs tire from traversing the map? Well, gaming n working out my legs doesn't look like a bad idea after all.

XtraTrstrL1342d ago

Yeah, it is kinda too basic, and probably not the best solution to immerse you more in an Oculus VR game. It does seem like more of a tedious repetitive thing, that would definitely get old rather quickly in a huge Open World game, or any game for that matter.

Insomnia_841342d ago

VR is definitely going to be something big in the coming years.

NeoTribe1341d ago

If it involves moving limbs repeatedly in a standstill position to move, than no, its gonna be tedious and annoying. I mainly just want the headset to offer periphrial vision for more immersion.

PsylentKiller1342d ago

How do you walk backwards?
How do you run?

It seems very counter intuitive.

GrizzliS19871342d ago ShowReplies(2)
SilentNegotiator1342d ago

Constantly stomping to move? Talk about reinventing the wheel in the shape of a triangle.