Top 5 Most Over-Hyped And Underwhelming Games Of 2013

Daav brings you his Top 5 games that under-delivered most in 2013.

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jimjam34421592d ago

fucking click bait articles.

oIITSBIIo1592d ago

Bioshock Infinite ? Really ?

skoorydook1592d ago

Exactly what I thought,easily one of last years best

crusf1592d ago

Might as well rename this article "CLICK ME WE NEED AD REVENUE!"

McScroggz1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Reasonable selections. BioShock: Infinite is a very good game. One that I enjoyed immensely. That being said, I just finished playing BioShock 2 a couple of days ago and I couldn't help but noticing the steps back that Infinite took overall.

As far as the story goes, I loved it. In BioShock, Plasmids not only felt justified in the context of the world but also a vital part of the narrative. Granted, I didn't have a huge problem with Vigors, but it lacked that neatness that BioShock had. Plus, there were some narrative twists that I think went in the wrong direction and left certain arcs feeling much more inconsequential than they should have. Plus, the whole deal with Elizabeth's mom was just bad.

Still, I really, really liked the story overall. That ending.

To me, the biggest disappointment was the combat. It's decently fun to play don't get me wrong; but it just felt so basic. In BioShock, you carried around up to 8 (I think) weapons with three types of ammunition for each gun. Combat scenarios were not always initiated automatically like they are in Infinite, so there were times where you could setup traps for enemies. It was tactical and visceral all at the same time. In Infinite, it's just wave after wave - which would be fine if I had enough variety in enemies and weapons to keep it interesting. I will say that while I wished they would have had a few more Vigors, they were fun to use especially in combinations.

Then we have one of the defining characteristics: Big Daddies. In BioShock, not only were they menacing foes that took planning and stockpiling good ammunition for, but also a semi-exploitable ally as well as a potential enemy if you make a mistake too close to it. But more than that, they are a very sympathetic figure. I will say that the Handymen were sympathetic, even if it wasn't as apparent or engaging as genetically altered protector's to genetically altered young girls. To me, this is THE most disappointing aspect of Infinite. The Handymen are simply not fun to fight. They attack you without prior notice, and you cannot really setup traps for them. If you jump on the rails they electrify them (which is a neat idea), but yet they are able to jump tremendous lengths so you cannot really escape from them. They are unrelenting in a way that isn't exciting, but frustrating. All of BioShock: Infinite's combat issues coalesce into one continuous string of issues when fighting the Handymen.

EDIT: I still think BioShock: Infinite is a very good game. But considering BioShock is (in my opinion) the second best game of the past generation, and there was so much hype and excitement for Infinite, for it to fall short of its expectations it inherently is "over-hyped."

AnotherGamer1171592d ago

You will get disagrees but I happen to agree with your assessment. In Infinite - I only had to use my gun and bronco - nothing else. Finished the game basically with those 2 combinations.

In the previous games, I would setup traps using the guns and luring in Big Daddies or other enemies. I had a lot more options in the way I dealt with enemies.

As you said, Infinite is a really solid game but one that did fall short of expectations and hype in my opinion.

McScroggz1592d ago

Meh, I don't really worry about likes or dislikes. I just care about honest, interesting discussions about a hobby I'm very passionate about.

The crazy thing is, even with its flaws it is still an extremely memorable game. I look forward to playing all of the DLC for it. I also cannot wait for another BioShock; or, at least another similarly epic, atmospheric and narratively rich experience that Kevin Levine and studio are passionate to create.

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