Kojima further comments on removed '80s filter' for Metal Gear Solid V

A few days ago Kojima revealed on his Twitter that he was experimenting with a special '80s filter' for Metal Gear Solid V. Today he went into a little more detail.

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SquareSoft1614d ago

"Our designer indeed was very against this implementation because of that. So again I had to give up." - Kojima

Reflecting how Hideo Kojima really want such filter, Hideo Kojima might use Playstation Now, to get the '80s filter' in MGSV.

KingKevo1614d ago Show
zerocrossing1614d ago

Could they not simply have it as an option? I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to add such a filter if the demand for it is their.

jhoward5851614d ago

Notice Kojima didn't say which gaming console....

Nero13141614d ago

No offense but what's your point ? (Not trying to be rude btw)

jhoward5851614d ago

my point come every other Devs talks about the difference between the x1 and ps4 in term of power accept Kojima.

I would a least like a break down as to which gaming console couldn't run the 80s filter and why.

Agent20091614d ago

If anything, Kojima is in the developer's minority who openly talk about the advantage of PS4 over Xbox One.

elninels1613d ago


Perhaps he reads the comment section of most video game articles.

If we could all be cordial about it maybe he'd be willing to speak on it more.

jhoward5851614d ago


That may very well be true but just saying he couldn't run a filter in metal gear isn't saying much.

that's just me..I like a little more detail.

curtis921614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Guessing XB1 couldn't handle it and to achieve a bit of parity they removed it from all.

PS4 “Can Render 1080p at 60fps with Room to Spare;” According to Kojima.