Ubisoft's Social Media Manager is a Big Fan of Titanfall

It seems that whoever is in charge of Ubisoft's Twitter account is a fan of EA, their rival's, upcoming killer shooter, Titanfall. Just a few minutes ago, the Twitter account with over 1 million followers just tweeted it. The post has obviously been removed. Screenshot of tweet inside.

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RamsesNum11616d ago

He probably got himself a beta code and just flipped out and couldn't contain his excitement.

I can totally relate.

No4Love1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

this guy is in a big trouble :D

randpropaganda1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

What an idiot ! Can't believe my eyes

RamsesNum11616d ago

I wonder what\s going to happen to this guy. Ubisoft could have played it off as like a respectful salute. But instead, they remove it.

Allsystemgamer1616d ago

Why would they remove it? There should be more company saluting in the industry rather than bitter knocks at eachother.

RamsesNum11616d ago

Yeah, that could've been a nice gesture showing maturity and companionship.

Allsystemgamer1616d ago

As much as they rival for sales they should acknowledge others a achievements and use it as a lesson learnt.

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