PS4's GPU Is Nice But The Real Charm Is The Memory Speed And Amount - Arrowhead's CEO

CEO and Game Director of Arrowhead Studios Johan Pilestedt, who is developing Helldivers, shared his thoughts on the PS4’s GPU and memory, and how it has helped the development team to put in more visual effects and complex compute calculations into the game.

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ThunderSpark1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

The PS4 has received nothing but praise so far in this generation. It's really amazing how good of a job Sony has done.

Meltic1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

They surely have done it good but they can't release games in time to us to enjoy. It shouldn't take 1 year for all companies to deliver us good games. Whats the Point to buy a new console with crappy games in the beginning. Im getting eager here. Im here on this site 24/7 to see some news about new ps4 games.

qu1ckset1620d ago

@meltic this is nothing new, every console release has no good games at launch, it's early adopters like me who must have that next gen console and enjoy it!

Having a PC is helping out with the current game drought!

TimeSkipLuffy1620d ago

@Meltic Sony owned studios were busy enough to deliver some outstanding games for PS3 even with PS4 release on the horizon. It might have hurt the PS4 game development but I love their dedication to millions of PS3 owners. The Last of Us or TearAway are some of the best games recently.

Ashunderfire861620d ago


What are you waiting for? Play Outlast, Killzone ShadowFall, Battlefield 4, and many others including Free to play like Warframe(There more than crappy). Thief 4 will come out within 2 weeks. Infamous Second Son, the next AAA PS4 game will come out within 6 weeks. Its the first year man so relax. It takes time to develop a great game. But I feel you, I can't wait too. We just have to wait a little longer.

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stuna11620d ago

The PS4 is the total package when it comes to games! As this generation advances, the PS4 will continue to evolve into much more than it prime directive, making it also a capable media hub also.

chrissx1620d ago

The Ps4 - strength of a Lion, Power of a Bear and Speed of a Cheetah = Sexy Beast

DEEBO1620d ago

lol you been watching to much bravestar.
great cartoon from the 80's but were is the eyes of a hawk?

Fishermenofwar1620d ago

Strength of a bear bear..Speed of a Puma Puma...Ears of a Wolf Wolf...Eyes of A Hawk Hawk

SeanScythe1620d ago


Meltic1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

it need more games. We are just waiting for new games and we are getting crazy here.

curtis921620d ago

A very well crafted comment. 9/10.

Meltic1620d ago

It's true it need more games :). The only games on ps4 ive enjoyed so far is Killzone and AC4 black flag. The other sucks. And the only really excited game coming ''soon'' enough is infamous second son. Thief doesen't look promising to me. They have the old dark Engine Power on ps4. Thats crazy. It should be dark Engine 4 not 3.

YungDragon1620d ago

I agree it needs more games, but Warframe is really fun to play. If you haven't gotten in to that, you def should give it a run

djplonker1620d ago

Batllefield 4 looks and plays awesome (especially for a launch game) cant wait until the bar starts getting raised!

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The story is too old to be commented.