Rovio revealed Angry Birds Stella, its all about Women Power

Gadgetgyaan: Rovio has launched their new game and they are calling it Angry Bird Stella and it is a female oriented game. We have always seen a pink bird in the game and it was also there in the Go Kart racer and now its playing the lead character.


The game isn't launched yet. Rovio has announced the game and they will launch it in the Q3.

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One_Eyed_Wizard1345d ago

I only ever see chicks play Angry Birds anyways so I don't see how it changes anything.

MoveTheGlow1345d ago

Chicks... I see what you did there.

minimur121345d ago

the name is brilliant, in UK, and obviously other contries, there's a beer called Stella. and it's nickname in the UK? (no joke)
Wife Beater

this was because years ago, 1 can was pretty strong, whenever I'm drinking it my parents are like 'woah, go easy on that'

it's pretty funny when it's the same content as budwieser, which what my dad drinks.

I'm not sure if this name was coincidence or not, but either way it's pretty funny

Peter_Warrior1345d ago

"Rovio has launched their new game"
Is it really already launched?
As far as I know, it won't be released before Q3 this year.

Gadgetgyaan1345d ago

Thanks for pointing that out.