Short Pause: PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Review

We review Sony's latest gaming headset. Although it comes in under $100, you really do get what you pay for.

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iGAM3R-VIII1585d ago

6??? I bought this yesterday and I'd give it a 9. I don't see how you could hate it

LackTrue4K1585d ago

i was looking to get this, but after the last update.....i kept my PULSE headsets.
thiz still look sweet thou!!! And i hurd you can customize them....?!
"is it true about the customize, i have yet to see one"

ifistbrowni1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

agreed. As a owner of these, I'd have an extremely hard time giving them an Honest 6.

It's so cool how they're completely wireless. They're not very loud (as in blowing out my ear drums), which may be a minus for some, but i'd never wear them "too loud." I'm perfectly content with the volume, comfort and quality, so far.

Much better than my $120 wireless Turtle Beaches i have for xbox 360.

No way i would ever give these a 6/10. I'd have to go with a 8-9/10. Nothing to hate about them.

medman1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Price should definitely factor into a review score. You're not going to find a better 7.1 wireless headset, or any wireless headset for under 100 bucks. I mean, look at what Microsoft is bringing to the table later this year. They are charging 80 bucks for a stereo headset and 25 bucks for the adapter. I bought the steel series h wireless recently and I love those phones but I also picked up this ps4 gold headset and for the money you can't go wrong. Six is a bit harsh. Of course you get what you pay for, but you're not paying much and what you get for the money is pretty darn good. They're comfortable and they sound good. Time will tell if they can take some abuse, but I'd rate them a 7.5. And at 100 bucks, they are unparalleled by anything else on the market.

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TheDude791585d ago

A 6/10 is "hating it"? Me saying it's a nice entry level headset for $99 is "hating it"? Interesting...

WeAreLegion1585d ago

It's just a tad low for such a great headset at $100.

LOGICWINS1585d ago

Thanks for giving us a detailed review.

"If you already own one of the other PlayStation branded gaming headsets, there is no reason to pick up the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset, as it would just be a lateral move and nothing more"

This pretty much confirmed what I originally believed. The Pulse Wireless Headset Elite Edition launched at $149. The fact that the Gold Headsets are only $99 didn't inspire much confidence that I was getting an all around better headset had I upgraded.

JoGam1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I just wish the guy compared the sound to the Elite rather than Astro. Smh. Stupid review if u asked me.

TheDude791585d ago

Other than the Bass Impact, there is literally no difference between the two when it comes to sound quality. That being said, the Pulse Elite isn't the only competition to the Gold Wireless Headset, which is why I compared it to the Astros as well. Thanks for the input though, I think it's good to have these conversations, lots of passionate gamers on here, and thats what I dig

caseh1585d ago

Thedude79, what did you think of the sidetone feature these headsets have? I recently picked up some pulse elites and feel like I can barely hear myself when talking which is quite annoying. My cheapo px21 were far better in this department sadly :/

NexGen1585d ago

Read the manual. You can adjust the side tone on pulse and pulse elite.

LackTrue4K1585d ago

why would you want to hear your self?????


caseh1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Did you miss the part where I said 'what did you think of the sidetone feature'? I've read the manual and I know how it works but it's crap, simple as.

As for asking why you would need to hear yourself speak, that's verging on stupidity right there. Cover your ears with your hands and talk and try to gauge how loud you are talking, now add ambient sound to that and you will naturally raise your voice. Last thing people want is some Muppet shouting into their mic

ShinMaster1585d ago

For the price? Yeah, that's pretty low.

NeoTribe1585d ago

Your score is bogus. There is no better option for 99.99. Virtual 7.1 surround, rediculously gorgeous and comfortable. Clear, crisp and bassy. If you go buy a 130 dollar promix amp, you can make it sound like a 500 dollar headphone.

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il-JumperMT1585d ago

So I guess my Pulse Elite is better!

KwietStorm1585d ago

Could've seen that from the start. The new ones don't even have bass impact, and I think the Pulse Elites look better.

il-JumperMT1585d ago

I never use bass impact..

Metfanant1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

- the bass impact bothers a lot of people, including me...i dont own them, but ive tried them...if i had them i would leave it off...

- these are EXPONENTIALLY more comfortable than the Pulse Elites...

- they dont suffer from the cracking issue that the elites do if you take them off the wrong way

that being said...if i already OWNED the Elites...i probably wouldnt buy these Gold ones...when you weigh all the pros and cons they are probably a wash on value...

im out of bubbles...if you have any more ?'s about the Gold headset send me a PM

Metfanant1585d ago

Nah...these are better than the Pulse Elites...just about everyone I've talked to that's used both agrees

KwietStorm1585d ago

I don't really have any questions, I don't care about the Gold headphones since I already have the Elite. But how do you take off headphones the 'wrong way?' lol

KwietStorm1585d ago

Well the point is it's still there, when it's not on the Gold. Why don't you use it? It really adds to an action experience like God of War, and you can feel the bass in shooters.

Metfanant1585d ago

The last thing I would say is cheap build...they are def quite well made...I have no complaints about them...

They don't hold a candle to my actual 7.1 surround system...and are not audiophile quality headphones...but they are comfy as hell, well built, sound good and are wireless...

For being able to game at night without having to turn the volume way down to not disturb others in the house they are WELL worth the $100

stavrami1585d ago

Does the 7.1 actual work on the gold?? Not looking for pinpoint accuracy just an experiance that will leave me knowing which way to turn??

Metfanant1585d ago

to be completely honest...i dont like the way virtual surround sounds on ANY headset ive i play with them in stereo...because i think it just sounds better...

99% of the time i use them is late at night so i dont bother others in the when im really being competitive im using my real surround speakers...

level 3601585d ago

Do think Sony got the sweet spot on pricing.

But if you can afford and accept to add another $15, the Pulse Elite's extra features are definitely worth it.

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