17 Amazing Final Fantasy VII Facts To Celebrate Its 17th Birthday

Final Fantasy Union: "For us older fans of the series, it's almost unbelievable that nearly 20 years stand between us and the initial release of Final Fantasy VII. I know that it makes me feel old, and it only gets worse every year!

In honor of its 17th birthday, here are 17 facts about Final Fantasy VII that you may or may not have already known."

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il-JumperMT1347d ago

Sephiroth didn't kill Aerith.

Sephiroth impaled her through a region of the body that doesn't have any vital organs.

There is no blood lost in the scene thus no major blood vessels were damaged.

Her spine was severed at a point were the brain still functions to control the vital organs, however it paraylzed her legs (which is why she slumps over)

Due to immense pain she fell unconscoius though alive.

When laid on the water, she immediately sinks. Dead bodies float, this it means that body muscle tension is disrupting the bouyancy.


Kurisu1347d ago

Call me crazy but I just bubbled you up for having a great imagination lol.

Milruka1347d ago

Except he doesn't have a great imagination, It was a theory that's been around for years.

kingdip901347d ago

You have to love that game theory

hay1346d ago

Actually, bodies surface only after being drowned for few days. This would mean, that Aeris would've sink normally, what would happen is her body would float atop after few days looking not so fresh.

Kurisu1347d ago

1 amazing fact,

PS3 Tech Demo of FFVII was actually a PS4 tech demo of FFVII. TGS announcement imminent!

One can dream...

Ace Killa 081347d ago

Don't bring up that tech demo, biggest tease EVER!!!

kingdip901347d ago

That tease was part of the reason I bought a ps3... There were lots of other reasons for sure but that ff7 demo pushed me over the edge anticipation wise.

As long as they stuck to the original formula and battle system with super updated graphics and not attempt to make it like ff7 advent children I would absolutely buy a remake.


Kurisu1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

It really was!


*fanboy squeal*

"Technical demo for PS3"


@Kingdip: Agree, the fundamental mechanics should stay the same. If the battle system changed it wouldn't be the same and I'd like it to be as true to the original as possible. But it's never going to happen so I'll stop talking now.

*Cries self to sleep*

tiffac0081347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

You're not the only one dreaming it, SE owe us a remake... someday... over the rainbow. lol!

Hicken1347d ago

Who cares? It's like this article was written just because of the 15th anniversary of FF VIII.

I mean, who the hell celebrates a 17th anniversary?

-Gespenst-1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Actually, the name Sephiroth refers to the Sephirot collectively, not just one Sephirah. And yes the name is directly derived from it, there's no coincidence there.

Which scene in the honey-bee in is this article referring to. There's a really strange one you can listen to if you eavesdrop on one of the rooms that I never understood - the music goes all evil and there's like thunder and lightning and stuff. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but I always thought it was weird and never really got the point of it.

They really should have talked about all the weird hacked stuff in the Honey-Bee Inn.

GadgetGooch1347d ago

You calling me old haha....can't believe it's 17 years ago that I first played it....I can still play it now with just as much enjoyment and excitement :D