Fake Flappy Bird apps could access your personal data

Gadgetgyaan: Flappy Bird was taken down and now its not available in Appstore but there are 100s of fake apps which are there and thousand of people are downloading those games from the Online Stores to play it. And if you are among them we will request you to keep yourself protected.

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M-M1470d ago

What a bunch of degenerates infecting people's devices like that.

annus1470d ago

They aren't "infecting" anything, they are the usual permissions that are on android/iOS. The latest facebook app update requires permission to view text messages to use.

You should also really look into the big companies use of data. Facebook and Google do very similar things, selling personal data for financial benefits.

NeoTribe1470d ago

Bunch of degenerates downloading a horrible game that should have never existed.

Geekman1470d ago

At first I couldn't care less if it was fake or not. Flappy Bird is Flappy Bird. But this steers me away from it.

Buzz7S1470d ago

Flappy Bird developer made a big fuss about the game being removed so he can continue to make his ~$50,000 a day through ads without having to deal with the bullshit of it being available via iTunes.

Now that there are clones, which has been happening for many, MANY years, all of a sudden, there is an article about personal data being an issue? Looks like Flappy Bird developer isn't too happy that his profits are being touched by others, so he's now spreading bullshit and fooling sites to write up about it.

/removes tinfoil hat


lookout app is my defender against crooks