It's Time To Admit Final Fantasy XIII Wasn't Actually That Bad

Final Fantasy XIII wasn't a bad game. Neither was Final Fantasy XIII-2. And neither is the conclusion to the Final Fantasy XIII saga, Lightning Returns.

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BiggCMan1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago ) wasn't, and here is why.

All the biggest fans hated it because it was so different from Final Fantasy. "Oh, it's linear with nothing to explore. Oh, you can't switch characters till half way. Or there's no world map and towns."

The lack of all that is not what constitutes the game being bad. BECAUSE IT IS TRYING TO BE DIFFERENT. 13 is a story focused game, something like Metal Gear for instance where it is trying to tell you a story in it's own way. Not something where you do what you want.

And if people looked past the stuff that made it different from Final Fantasy, they would see that it's an amazing story focused game, with great gameplay that ALSO tries to separate itself, and amazing graphics.

PEOPLE...HATE...CHANGE, and that is why many think 13 is a bad game, because it changed. Is 13 an actual badly made game? HELL no. A lot of work went into the story and characters, and the world of Gran Pulse and everything else.

And it's the same reason why a lot of fans are hating on MGSV, because it changed.

Moral of this story, try to accept change in your life.

4logpc1495d ago

The characters were poorly written. Especially Lightning.

The first half of the game all she does is walk around all tough and noble like she's some sort of badass. Then she becomes less of a jerk by the end. Not a very strong main character.

has nothing to do with change. A lot of the Final Fantasies did new things, but 13 tried new things and executed them in the most minimalistic way possible.

zerocrossing1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I don't personally see it that way.

Sure, a lot of people hated the fact that Final Fantasy changed from an open world RPG, to a very linear action RPG, but their has always been a huge focus on the characters and their own personal journeys, and the franchise stories have always been very well done. The problem is that FF XIII's story felt weak, in comparison to past FF games the worlds lore and characters simply don't hold up.

Take Lightning for example, I was so excited when I heard that they where going with a female protagonist that would be similar to Clowd, but they totally missed the point of why people like Clowd so much IMO. Lightning is just so bland and unlikeable, she barely has any growth as a character and is by far the least interesting amongst all the other main characters in each game she appears in.

FF-XIII came about due to how niche traditional JRPG's are, Squenix created a JRPG for those who aren't fans of JRPG's, something that would have mass appeal. It's only natural for fans to resent the fact that Squenix ditched them and turned what was the definitive JRPG franchise into a unrecognisable game designed to generate mass appeal.

If anything I think gamers should be less accepting of change, if the change comes only as a result of publishers wanting more money.

otakukidd1495d ago


I agree that the story was weak but that was mainly because I felt the story telling was weak. The way they did some of the story telling was weird. Since I read a lot of the datalogs I think the story was good but the way it was explained was not. You shouldn't have to comb through a data log for important story info. Now 12 I thought had a bad story but that was because of them changing the main character and missed opportunities with some plot lines

ThatEnglishDude1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

For a game that was more 'focused', the plot was an absolute mess. Virtually nothing central to the plot was explained. No, before you say it, I don't want EVERYTHING explained to me, but Final Fantasy XIII was way too vague with everything. To make any kind of sense of the story, you had to go out of your way to read the codex entries. It was just a very poorly executed game. The common defense I see is that 'you didn't give it enough of a chance' or 'the game gets really good 20 hours in' well I'm sorry but if a game 'gets good' as late as 20 hours in, it's a shit game. I personally didn't care for the combat and overall gameplay, but I think most people dug it, so whatever. But the story was just abysmal, made little sense, the characters were incredibly under-developed and unlikeable.

I could have dealt with the linearity and one-way like navigation. Final Fantasy X was rather linear too. But this game failed with a poorly executed story and uninteresting characters.

Being different doesn't automatically make something good. Change can be a very good thing, and for what it's worth, I think the Final Fantasy series needs it if it's going to continue, but this was just appalling with the only saving grace being it's visuals.

SSJBen1495d ago

"13 is a story focused game"

And for that aspect alone, FF13 failed at being a story focused game then. But let's ride with your logic for a second here, the previous FFs were not as story focused as FF13, by your logic, correct?

If so, the previous FFs had better story, more engaging characters, and something that many people can escape into. All this, despite the previous FFs not being story focused, by your logic.

So yeah then, FF13 failed as a game with a heavy focus on its story and when a game fail at something which is its core experience, there isn't really anything much better to say is there?

Moral of your opinion, stop trying to contradict yourself. :)

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IanVanCheese1495d ago

No it isn't. That day will never come.

ElementX1495d ago

Wasn't xiii the one where dungeons were basically straight corridors?

Pozzle1495d ago

If by "dungeons" you mean "most of the game", then yes.

Tdmd1495d ago

Yeah, it was... just let it go, it's over.

4logpc1495d ago

It wasn't very good. Its not a horrible game but its a weak final fantasy and a weak RPG.

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