Bravely Default Review: Rising From the Ashes of Final Fantasy | FRONTBURNR

FRONTBURNR: The story of Bravely Default won’t win a ton of awards for its uniqueness. The game’s main characters fit numerous tropes within the traditional RPG realm but usually with some sort of creative twist. Tiz is a shepherd from a small village that is surprisingly stoic after the loss of his family and village. Agnes is the vestal of the wind that is stubborn yet naive and is accompanied by the cryst-fairy, Airy. Edea is a former member of the enemy forces that has her roots in the high ranking leadership but seems to only see things in right and wrong, good and evil. Ringabel is a mysterious womanizing amnesiac that happens to have a mysterious journal in his possession that tells the future of the party’s adventure before it happens. Together, the party faces the Eternian army and the atrocities that it is committing throughout the world.

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