If You Thought It Was a Harem Heaven, It Was a Yandere Hell - First Trailer

Nippon Ichi have published the first promotional trailer of their upcoming ADV game!

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majiebeast1563d ago

I need this just for the sheer crazyness. Localize it!

Snookies121563d ago

I second this statement. Plus, the more localized Vita games, the better. I wish we had half of what Japan does in terms of Vita games.

majiebeast1563d ago

When Waifu's turn crazy.

3-4-51563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

The Real House Waifu's of Video Games: Nippon edition

Redempteur1563d ago

The harem route of this game should be very very crazy.

sherimae24131563d ago

this is for PS3 not Vita....
well since this is nis, they will port it to vita later...